Rev Smith’s Diaries



BORN MARCH 15, 1886 – DIED 1976

Originally transcribed by Rev. Smith’s grandson, Robert A. Cotton

Retyped for posting on NL GenWeb site (with permission) by Beverly Warford

NOTE: Rev. Smith was a Methodist minister who served the New Bay/Leading Tickles area between 1906-1908. He visited many of the surrounding communities including South West Arm (now Point Leamington), South Arm (now Pleasantview), South East Arm (near Cottrell’s Cove), Thimble Tickles (now Glover’s Harbour) and numerous others whose names remain the same. When he refers to New Bay, it is assumed he is speaking of a community now called Cottrell’s Cove. It is a great genealogy research tool and certainly gives an excellent example of the living conditions during this time frame.-B.W.

1906: Arrived in Newfoundland from Lavenham, Suffolk, England.

August 11, 1906 SATURDAY

Landed at St. John’s. The ship was a small slow boat of the Furnace Whitty – the Dahome. I had been sea sick all the way across which had taken nine days. I was twenty years of age and alone in a new world, all on my own. As soon as we pulled into the wharf the Rev. Charles Hackett came aboard looking for me and took me ashore and introduced me to several people and then took me to boarding house at 11 Queen Street, which was kept by a lady whose name was Mrs. Foote. It took me quite awhile to get my land legs.


This being Sunday morning I prepared for church, but not until Mrs. Foote had introduced me to a new kind of food called Broose (brews), which is made from hard bread brought to a boil. It was extremely good and I enjoyed my breakfast. Mrs. Foote took me to her church, Alexander Street Church of which the minister was the Rev. Charles Hackett who preached a sermon on the Faith of the Four. In the afternoon I was taken to George Street Sunday School where I read the lesson, which was the parable of the Prodigal Son. I sat in Mr. Charles Ayres class. I met Mr. Will Pike. (Mr. Will Pike was a probationer who sold me his books. He is now in charge of our Home Mission Work among the Ruthenians[??]  He is known everywhere as the Radio Missionary The Rev. Will H. Pike (note made in 1951).  I was invited to tea with the Rev. W.T. D. Dunn, afterwards Rev. Dunn took me to church with him and I heard him preach on PSA 42.2 God or What. Went to the parsonage for supper and music. Then went to my lodgings, 11 Queen Street with Mrs. Foote.


Correspondence, Walking around the city.


Did some shopping and visiting around the city. At night I preached in George Street.


I went aboard the Portia. Watched her set sail. I was looking for a good Templar’s Lodge but without success. In the evening I attended Epworth (League) and met many young people among whom was Miss Ada Horwood. While I was there I heard quite a bit about New Bay and nothing very promising.  It was spoken of as a very hard place and difficult people.


Today I was busy all day making preparations to go to New Bay. We left by train at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon and was on the train all night. This was my first experience on a narrow guage railway. The Rev. Sidney Chancey and his wife and two children were on the train.

AUGUST 17, 1906

Reached Glovertown at about 3 o’clock and Bro. Pike left the train. We went on to Notre Dame Junction and changed there for Lewisporte. I helped Mr. and Mrs. Chancey with their children and forgot all about the books I bought from Mr. Pike. These were books for my studies for two years. At Lewisporte I went aboard the S.S. Clyde and was dreadfully seasick. I called at Exploits and went to the parsonage to call on the Rev. Robert Maddock – my superintendent. He was not at home but I met Mrs. Maddock and their little girl Clair. I went on board again and went on to New Bay. On board there was a man named Mr. Churchill, who pointed to a man on the wharf saying that I would have to live at his house. I spoke to Mr. Moores who directed me to his home which was almost a mile from the wharf – Mr. Churchill and his daughter lived in the next house and so were able to point out to me the house where Mr. Moores lived. I knocked on the door which was opened in due time by a middle aged woman of maternal appearance. I told her who I was and she said she was sorry but I could not stay at her home. She had boarded the previous ministers but she was ill and the doctor ordered her to rest and she could not take me in to board. I was only a boy of 20 years and had been dreadfully ill on the Dahome all the way out from England, and had been awfully seasick since leaving Lewisporte. I suppose my youth and my illness won her sympathy because she said “Oh I don’t mean you can’t come in, of course you can come in. I’ll make you a cup of tea. You can stay here for a few days and then I’m sure you will find another home without any trouble, Come right in.” She showed me into a small front room or parlour and excused herself while she went to make a cup of tea. I sat there for a few moments, then seeing a small reed organ open I sat on the stool and began to play a few hymn tunes. Just simple hymns as appeared as the leaves turned. I became conscious of another presence in the room and looking around I saw Mrs. Moores leaning against the doorway. She said “Mr. Smith you don’t have to look for another boarding house. If you can play like that I’ll keep you here if I have to go on my hands and knees to do the work.” Well that suited me quite nicely. I went for a walk along the pathway. It was hardly a road but it was considered a good road by the people. After some conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Moores I went to bed and to sleep. So ended my first evening in New Bay. A stranger in a strange land. I had a very comfortable bed and a good sleep.


After breakfast I went out and during the day I visited several homes of my people and found that among the people there was much bad feeling. I went home to unpack and to prepare for Sunday. I went to bed sad. Tomorrow the mail leaves. I wrote to Mother and Dora and mailed it to go on the Clyde tomorrow.


This was my first Sunday in New Bay. In the morning I preached from Hebrew 11: 1-2. There was no church, the service was held in the school house. It seemed that the congregation has been at sixes and sevens over building a new church. The foundation is standing. It is a dreadful and pitiful situation. There is no organ and no one who can play an organ. It is tragic to see the children as they try to sing. We had Sunday School this afternoon. On the way home from church this morning I heard some of the women talking about my sermon. They said that it was like preaching they used to have years ago. They could not understand so young a man preaching like that. Tonight I preached from Matthew 8: 2-3 “If Thou willst Thou can make me clean.” I had a good time. I came home and determined to get an organ, supposing I have to play it myself. I have often done that. Wrote to Mother and Dora.


I started off to collect some money for a new organ. I went to Fleury’s Bight. Fleury’s Bight is the extreme southern corner of my circuit and here we meet with and join the Roman Catholic Congregation of Fortune Harbour. On this side of the Bight we have three Protestant families and on the other side of the Bight there are a few Roman Catholic families. The road is simply a cart tract leading between the rocks. We have two families on New Bay Head and then we are back to Spencer’s Cove where there is a very fine couple Mr. and Mrs. David Spencer and a family of grown up sons and one daughter. Also Mr. Spencer’s mother is living in the home with them. Also I called on Mrs. Whitehorn who is a widow and her two sons. I came home with $23.50 for my first day’s collecting which by every token is a very good commencement.


I did some more visiting and some more collecting which I think is a very fine way to introduce oneself to the people.


I made preparations for the midweek service and preached from Phil. 4:19 “But My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” I had a fairly good time and met some more people of the congregation.


This afternoon I did some more visiting and collecting.


Friday is a great day here. This is the day when the coastal steamer, The Clyde, comes with passengers and freight and best of all the mail. I had expected to meet the Rev. Robert H. Maddock who is my Super, but he was not aboard. However, Mr. Waterman, who is to be my teacher at S.W. Arm was aboard and he came with me to stay at Mrs. Moores. Today the Salvation Army had their Sunday School picnic and I was requested to attend and to give an address to the people which I did.


Mr. Waterman and I walked to Fortune Harbour to meet Mr. Maddock but he was not there. We came home to dinner. In the evening Mr. Maddock arrived and we had a talk about affairs.


Bro. Maddock preached in the morning from Psalm 91. He conducted Sunday School and then went home on the Clyde (she was late). He, Mr. Maddock, seems to think I am alright. At the evening service Bro. Waterman read my lesson and I preached from Josh. 24:15 with which subject I had a good time. Mr. Waterman is to be my school teacher at South West Arm and will act as lay reader also.


I went with Mr. Waterman to S.W. Arm with Mr. Shirran – was in time for the Sunday School picnic. Had some codfish. Stayed with Mr. William Baggs.

AUGUST 28, 1906 Tuesday (South West Arm)

Visiting the people and greatly interested in the mill and its working. Met Mr. Allen and had a long conversation with him. Preaching service tonight.

AUGUST 29, 1906 WEDNESDAY (South West Arm)

Opened school with Mr. Waterman as teacher. I am chairman of the school board as well as Minister – a great responsibility.


Visiting south side Salvation Army picnic.


Went to South Arm and met several families by the name of Budgell. South Arm includes a small community at Budgell’s Point and four or five families at Paradise. I preached at night at Budgell’s Point in a home with boards put across chairs to make room for the men to sit.


I visited the families in Bobby’s Cove and walked two miles cross the neck to South West Arm and made preparations for Sunday.


I preached in the morning and in the afternoon and again in the evening. Organized the Sunday School. Baptized Lucy Ann Stuckless – my first baptism. Had a bad cold.


My cold was worse. I stayed in bed until the evening when I got up and went to the schoolhouse where I preached from Much More.


A heavy wind and I could not possibly go to New Bay so I stayed and had some correspondence with the Salvation Army officers. The Thistle had already sailed and as I was so ill with the cold the men put some hay in the bottom of a skiff and covered me with quilts and took me down to New Bay. I developed quite a cough.


I was told that the organ which I had ordered from Ayres and Sons had arrived. I went up to the school house and unpacked it. I was very pleased with it.


Was visiting all afternoon. Prayer meeting.


Preparing sermons.


For the first time in history our little congregation sang the hymns of the church to music. I played the organ at Sunday School and at both services. Used Our Father this morning and Much More this evening.


Practice for picnic.




Too wet for picnic.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1906

Showery but we went ahead with the picnic. We had a fine entertainment. I had a display of fireworks on a small scale. This was the first time that every any one had seen fireworks of this sort in New Bay. There was a sick man on the Clyde. There was also an elderly priest. I gave some recitations at the entertainment. Miss E. Moores, who is the Sunday School Superintendent, returned on the Clyde.


I was busy cleaning up after the picnic and preparing sermons for tomorrow.


Preached this a.m. from Matthew 22:42 – Sunday School – Evening from Acts 16:30-31. All in all we had a good day.


Studying and visiting.


Up to see the Clyde come in. This is the only contact with the outside world. Came back to the house and got my mail. I should say Mr. Moores keeps a small store, is the local Justice of the Peace and is also the local Post Master. I was glad to have mail from England. Getting ready to go to North West Arm tomorrow.


I went down to Spencer’s Cove and Wallis and Edgar (Spencer) went with me to North West Arm. It was quite a thrilling experience for me as the wind was blowing hard the skiff heeled over to the wind. We went across the bay very fast, I was frightened but the boys assured me that everything was alright. They were quite amused at my fears. I met some of the families and was glad when bedtime came. I slept with Wallis.


I preached this morning. The Spencers went home this afternoon. I preached this evening. There are nine families in North West Arm. Mr. Osmond has a small mill at the bottom of the bay on a small stream and kept a small store.


I went visiting in a boat and got almost lost around Moores Point. The wind came in from the Northwest. Mr. White came aboard and helped me get back. I did my visiting and preached at night.


Mr. and Mrs. Selby White were going to New Bay and took me over in their board.


Study and preaching tonight. Deut. 25.13. Some men from the Trader were there and we had a good congregation.


Studying and visiting.


Study, Clyde, Mail.


Answering mail.


Used Gal.5:22-23. Splendid time. Sunday School. Rain this evening. Very wet. Not many out. Poor time. Used “How Much Owest Thou”. This is the end of my first full month in the work of the mission.


Tonight I met the ladies of the church in order to organize a Ladies Aid Society. We met at the school house. We called it a Sewing circle. All went off very well, very fair.


Visiting and studying.


Visiting. Preaching at night. St. John 15:5. Head a good time. Played organ as well as preached. Beginning to know some of the people.


Have been busy preparing for Leading Tickles. Feeling nervous and shy. Have been thinking a lot of four year ago when I went to London. What a difference!


Went aboard the Clyde for Leading Tickles. Some one put me on Gull’s or Cull’s Island and I walked over. Some one put me across and I arrived at Rowsell’s Island where I was met by Mrs. Israel Rowsell. They were very kind people. While we were at supper the schooner arrived home and I was able to meet the crew. They had brought some apples. After supper we held a service at which I preached. I was taken over to the house of senior Mr. Rowsell and shown my room. Mr. Rowsell, a retired lighthouse keeper and his son Arthur and daughter were away from home and I was alone in the house. In the morning, while I was dressing a distressing accident occurred. After breakfast I told Mrs. Israel Rowsell about it and she laughed heartily. The previous minister had a similar accident one time in the same room. Four years ago I met somebody.


I went to each house on the island and did some preparation for tomorrow. At night we held a meeting to discuss the need of a church. There was a great interest in the project and we elected a committee to build a new church. When bedtime came I was very tired but very happy.


This morning I preached from Gal. And this afternoon at Burnt Island from St. Luke 11:1 and on Rowsell’s Island from Matt. 8:2. All in all a good day.

OCTOBER 8, 1906

Visiting on Burnt Island, Preached at night. “Much More”. Powerful meeting. Very hot good time. After the service we talked of building the new church and started a subscription list and collection for it.


Started for North West Arm by way of Thimble Tickles in punt. Was treated with great kindness by Mrs. Lanning whose crew were lugging potatoes. Had a nice cup of tea. Commenced a walk through the country and came on two gangs of men who were opening a road where only a trial had been before. I was the first person to use the new “road” and one of the men crossed the toe of my boot with a cross. When I got to North West Arm I had tea with Mr. and Mrs. Osmond and then went to the school house for service where I preached again.


Today I visited all the homes in the ARM (nine). Sold some lumber to Mr. Osmond. There was Sunday School entertainment at night at which I was chairman. I read the “Revenge” and “Patsy”. We had a good collection.


We went over in boat to New Bay. I did some visiting in South East Arm and I baptised Florence Melena Wall. We had a Sunday School teachers meeting at night also a singing practice.


Busy all day. Went to meet the Clyde and got my mail. Prayer meeting tonight.


Saturday was busy with correspondence and was in the study preparing for Sunday.


This was Thanksgiving Sunday. I was home in New Bay. We had a good congregation. In the morning I used Psa. 136:2 and in the evening Rev. 3:8. We had a blessed Sunday. A good collection $10.34.


Studying and visiting. Preached from John 10:10 Wednesday night.


In the middle of the night Bro. Maddock came along. He had come on the Portia and had walked from Fortune Harbour. We were busy all day with plans for our work.


Taken up with letters and correspondence. Bro. Maddock and I dined with Mrs. John Moore. We went to meet the new teacher and introduced her to Mrs. Manuel. I attended to her trunks. We had tea at Mrs. P. Moores and went with her to Mrs. John Moores. Prayers tonight. Bro. Maddock preached. I read the lesson and played the organ.


Got ready early to go to South West Arm but found the wind contrary so we rowed up South Arm. Moses and Henry William Boone were with us. We boiled the kettle to make tea for lunch. Did some shooting – remarkable shot. We rowed to Mr. Britts but found it too hard to go further by punt. We had some tea and all walked to Bobby’s Cove. It was very hard walking but pressed on and reached there by 5 o’clock. We rested for a while and then went on to South West Arm. We went to Mr. S. Hutchcraft’s store and found he had some apples. I bought a postal order for Mrs. Draper. We had a jolly good (meat) and a nice wash up and were much refreshed. I got some nice stamps for my collection. It was late when we went to bed at Mr. Baggs.


I walked to Bobby’s Cove and preached in the morning and afternoon. Then I walked back to Mr. Hutchcrafts to tea where I had a nice meal and then went with Mr. Hutchcraft to prayers. We had to wait a long time. Bro. Maddock preached. I led the prayer meeting. A real good time – much blessing.


We found that Mr. Hastings [?] was going down the Arm in a skiff loaded with lumber so we went with him and landed at South East Arm and walked home arriving about 3 o’clock. Mrs. Moores prepared us a really good dinner after which we spent a very pleasant evening.


Bro. Maddock and I were busy all day and he preached at the evening service. I assisted in the service and played the organ.


Weather too bad for Bro. Maddock to go home. We spent some time together and enjoyed a pleasant evening.


Mr. Maddock and I started for New Bay. We went to Fortune Harbour. We got a boat and rowed across the harbour. A woman fell off the wharf. I rowed back alone. A teacher’s meeting and singing practice.


Clyde, letters, correspondence, Prayer meeting.


Study and correspondence.


Preaching in the morning. Used Ruth. Preached at night. School crowded. Went to see Victor.


Study, visiting.


Visiting, study, Sewing Circle.


Prepared sermon. Study. Preaching at night St. John 6:63.


Studying. Visiting. Too wet to go far.


Wet again. Prep. Study. Mail day.


Correspondence. Study. Very wet.


Awfully wet. Went to church with Mrs. Moores. So wet no one stayed. We met some coming away. Sunday School, fair attendance. Evening service 42:2. Fair number out. Fairly good time. Very wet underfoot.


Too dull to study. Too wet for bonfires.


Still wet. Not quite so bad. Sewing Circle met.


Preaching at night. Good congregation. St. Luke 7:44.


Packed up ready to go to South West Arm but could not get up. Snow deeper than I had seen before.


Packed to go to South West Arm but no wind. Snowing hard.


Was called by Mr. Parmiter. Had hasty breakfast. Made a run for the government wharf where Mr. Rice’s schooner lay. We had to wait until 9 o’clock. We had to beat out. Then we had a fair wind up to S.W. Arm. Had some candy and biscuits and cheese. I hailed a punt and went to Mr. Bagg’s. Had some dinner and a warm-up. I went over to Mr. Hutchcraft’s aboard a South Arm schooner. Had tea and a pleasant time. Bro. Waterman pleased.


Preaching three times – fairly good congregations. Good prayer meeting. Some music on the organ. Went to bed tired. Mr. Baggs not at home. Missed him much.


Visited and collected fees. Met Bro. Waterman and went across to the schooner. But as no one was willing to go to South Arm we abandoned the idea and I went and baptized George Henry, son of Mr. And Mrs. M. Stuckless. First time wearing skin boots.


Started to walk to South Arm alone. This was my first real day on skin boots. Road was very muddy, good walk. Had a cup of tea with Mrs. Tucker. Visited Budgell’s Point – came back and preached at Bobby’s Cove in a home (Warfords). After this preaching we held a meeting to consider building a school house. This was a very rough meeting and boisterous. I had to make the men quit shouting and threatening. I told them that any man who wanted to fight would have to fight me. After awhile we did some good work and got things started. We closed at 10:30. I walked back across the neck about two miles and found the boat on shore. I rowed across the arm and got home safely and was in bed by one o’clock. Quite a full day and one to be remembered.


Up early and had some breakfast and put off in punt to Mr. SHERMAN’S boat. Calm at first, then ice, then raining, then head winds. Rain cold. Reached South East Arm at 4 o’clock. Home at 5 o’clock. Big dinner of [??] bones.


Prepared for Exploits. Working at lecture. On Clyde at 10 o’clock. Exploits at 2 a.m. Bed comfortable.


Up at 8 o’clock. Baby and Mrs. Maddock out for mail. Visiting. Prayer meeting “In the Name etc.” Good time. Greek attended wedding.


Very wet and stormy. Busy all day. Too wet for a practice.


Preside at organ for morning service and afternoon. Addressed Sunday School. Nice service. Preaching at night. Got on well. Good collection. Alter service. 20 around alter. 12 consecration candidates. To bed tired but happy.


Still at Exploits. Busy.


Dined with Dr. Overton. Buried bay (burned?). Wet.


Final preparation for lecture. Attending to Westside. Study etc. Tea meeting, much feasting, good spread. Lecture. Recitation by Mrs. Maddock. Good time – fairly good.


Prepared for evening social. Nice games Dr. and Mrs. Overton were there. I recited “The Three Parsons” and “The Revenge”. Good company, pleasant time.


Study. Preparation for Sunday. Prayer meeting. Gave short address “Importunate Widow.”


Portia blew. Dress hurriedly. Had some breakfast and went to boat. Plenty of time. Blowing a gale. Portia shifted freight. Tremendous seas. Sea sick. I landed at Fortune Harbour. Walked to New Bay. Deep snow, cold. Very glad to reach home. Had a cup of tea and went to see Mrs. Spencer. Wore new rubber boots for the first time. I stayed with the Spencers and watch Mrs. Spencer Sr. die. This was the first time I had ever seen a person die. (The old lady passed so peacefully that I have never forgotten how gracious death may be.)


Temperance Sunday. I gave it to them straight. Some appeared to enjoy it. Mrs. Moores encouraged me by telling me that she did intend to send for a bottle of spirits but after my sermon gave up the idea. In the afternoon we made some experiments in Sunday School. Hard time. Very strange for the children. 20 people took the pledge. All of the teachers and some of the children. In the evening I was as pointed as could be with the result that five more took the pledge. We went home and as we had visitors we had some music and singing.


Study, preparation of Wednesday. Visiting. Mail at 12 o’clock. New dresses?


The burial of Mrs. Spencer. Study in the morning. Went to bury Mrs. Spencer. Had to wait a long time. Left the house at 3:15 reached home at tea time. Met Sewing circle. Unpacked the new stuff. Very late.


Busy with books, preparation for night. Funeral sermon supposed to be very good. Had good time in study. Correspondence. Got ready to go to Leading Tickles.


Got ready for North West Arm. Mr. Norman Manuel and I put off in boat. Could get no one else. Sculling. Shooting. Did visiting. Preaching at night. After prayers I held a meeting to get money to finish school chapel. Decided to build a porch and water closed [closet?] – toiled [toilet?]. Also collected enough in promises to paint inside and was promised some lumber. A very successful meeting.


When I woke this morning I found a heavy snow fall. Two feet of snow. I went down to Fred Moores for dinner. He had large family. I collected fees. A slight increase over last year. Missionary boxes doing well. Made preparation to go Leading Tickles in the morning. It was too rough for prayers.


Breakfast early. Commenced to walk to Thimble Tickles. My first attempt on rackets (snowshoes). I did fairly well but I fell down once or twice in the thicket when the guide lost his way (Fred Moores). It was all very strange and interesting. When we reached Thimble Tickles we were very kindly entertained by Mrs. Martin after which Mr. Moores went home and came on to Rowsell’s Island. Two men rowed me up in a punt. I found no one at home at Mr. Marks and went to some other houses. I met my hostess Miss Rowsell and was told that the schooner was not home yet. So we waited up and she arrived at about 12 o’clock. We went aboard and by the time we returned and we were ready to go to bed it was Sunday morning.


Preached in morning from PSA 126.3. Held class meeting. In the afternoon we went to Burnt Island and I preached there. In the evening I preached again in Rowsell’s Island. Had a fairly good day. Nice music etc.


Up late. Still storm bound. Visited one or two homes. Preaching at night. Baptized Mary Jane Rowsell. Had a pleasant evening, singing and chatting.


Very stormy. Went for mail. Visited Mrs. Lannon who is sick. Came home with splendid mail. and papers from England. Got home after dinner – answered some letters and prepared for service. It was too rough to go to Burnt Island so I preached where I was on Rowsell’s Island.


Finished letters – went to visit homes on Rowsell’s Island – came home. Blowing hard – had tea. Commenced to watch steamer. Was watching night. Blowing hard all night.


No sign of steamer. Learned during the day that she had gone on without coming in on account of the heavy winds and seas. I attempted to study. Read “A Human Face” by Silas Hocking. Fine story. Visited a little – a pleasant day. I was beaten in a shooting match 50 present. During the day I received a dollar for the Sewing Circle. To bed at about ll o’clock. Soon fell asleep.


After breakfast prepared to go to New Bay but was disappointed on account of the bad weather. Disappointed. Did some reading and study. Got a cold.


Blowing hard. Boys not home. Very mild and snow all gone. Lots of water. Boys came home. Snowing again. Shooting. Won 100 percent. Too rough to go to New Bay – a prisoner still. Did some study. A pleasant time.


Storm continued. Blowing hard. Preaching in the morning. Had only a few but had a really good time. Awfully cold, freezing all day. Preaching in the afternoon. Arthur fell asleep. Preaching at night in the kitchen of Mr. Rowsell. Too cold to be in the front room. Good time. Very tired. I want to be home at work. A very happy home – nice conversation. Went to bed tired.


Up fairly early but too rough to go to New Bay. Bad news of several wrecks at Twillingate. Mr. Rowsell left for steamer. Went to bed wishing I were home.


Found it much calmer this morning. Boy getting schooner ready for the trip. Met the steamer. Left at l o’clock and reached New Bay at 3:15. Had some dinner and got ready for Sewing Circle. Received a nice welcome after being away so long.


Clearing up after a long time away. Mr. Richards came for me to see Dan. Dan was his horse. He was the only horse in the whole area. I went and gave him a dredge and he got better. He had colic – not enough good food. I came home and prepared for church.


Busy getting ready for bazaar. Visiting South East Arm. I had a look at Dan. He is much better. Pricing goods at Sewing Circle. Lively time. Home at 12:30. Dressed J.C. Bed 1:30.


After dinner I started for South East Arm. I took Mr. Manuels’ punt and tried to cross Cottrells Cove. But I lost an oar. The seas were high. An awful sea. Piloted boat into a little cove between rocks and jumped out on the third swell. I held on to the painter and as the boat fell back with the undertow it strained me in the right groin. A friend came and helped me put the boat back and he promised to take it back to Mr. Manuel and I went on to South East Arm collecting fees. Prayer meeting but not many there. We had a singing practice. Came home and had a pleasant chat. Received a present of $3.00 from Mr. J. Moores for services rendered to Victor.


Went to dress Jacob Churchill. Also visiting for cakes to be made for Circle – made up accounts. Paid $10.00 on teacher’s account and $40.00 on account of lodging and board.


Preaching morning and evening. Conducted Sunday School. Poor congregations. Fairly good time. Very tired and feeling rather ill.


Had a slight row with Mr. Peter Clark. Busy preparing schoolroom for bazaar. Worked hard all day – made good progress.


Very busy making final preparations for Bazaar. This is the first time ever a bazaar or anything of the kind was held in New Bay. When the Sewing circle was organized no one would be secretary so I had to take that office. We went up to the school house and put the tables up before dinner time. After dinner we went back. The Bazaar was a wonderful success and we all had a splendid time. We took in about $105.00 – everybody tired but happy.


Bazaar continued. I went up to the school house to clean up to prepare for the evening. Was busy all day – opened the Bazaar 5:30. We had a social evening with singing, games and recitations. Closed singing the National Anthem.


Slept very late. Was awakened when the others were ready to go to the school house to clean up. We did it all before we came home at 3 o’clock, then we had dinner. I went and paid bills.


Busy making up accounts. Sold several things for the Sewing Circle. Went to Prayer meeting – not many there. We had some singing. Heard Clyde was coming and so we went back and waited for mail. A good mail. Letters and Christmas presents, fountain pen, money, cards, etc. Went to bed at 2 o’clock.


Answering letters. Sent money to Ayre and Sons, to Rev. Crews, $11.45 to Dora for cards. Using pen all day. Very pleased with it. Sold two guns (?) for Christmas tree. Received several things for Christmas tree. Feeling very unstrung. I did only slight preparation for Sunday. Feeling the burden of souls for a long time. It becomes hard to bear. But in my prayers I felt the assurance of a good time on the morrow.


Preaching in the morning. Used John the Baptist. Had a good congregation considering the circumstances. Had a good time preaching about being saved. Class meeting much hurt by Bro’s remarks. Not feeling well, became thoroughly unstrung. Too much upset to get to Sunday School. Superintendent, who understood somewhat, took school. Was lying down but thinking hard all afternoon. After tea it was raining hard but I went to prayers and used Amos 4:12. No one saved. Disappointment, say, weary, went to bed early. A strange Christmas Sunday but English still duty done, a feeling of God’s presence.


Awoke feeling very sick. Had breakfast in bed. Got up immediately after. Put names on Christmas cards and presents for Christmas. Mrs. Vatcher helped me a great deal on this work. Went to dress Jacob Churchill. Came back to work on Christmas tree project. After tea I got dressed and went to practice. I came home and had a bite of supper and came upstairs and wrote to Caseton (?) Company. Found letters in trunk. Copied one and put them up – studied sermon.  At 1:20 am went downstairs and played some Christmas carols on the organ.


Came downstairs 9:30 feeling very ill (catching cold). Went to prayers. Preaching from Isa 9:6. My soul was in the sermon but I had a feeling of depression. Went home to dinner. Sent trunk up to school. Was making letters assisted by Miss Vatcher. Went to school and assisted Miss Moore to dress tree. Came home to tea. Went back again and commenced meeting – had a nice time. Had a good number of presents and am feeling tired and with a thorough chill in my system. My mind brought many recollections and memories of past very pleasant. Feeling very happy in the love of my Saviour “Peace, perfect peace in this dark world of sin. “Much madness on account of sin. I long to be used for His Glory. Lights out at 12:30.


Boxing Day. Feeling very sick. Got up for breakfast – Mrs. Moores sick in bed all day. Puttering around, putting things in order and squaring up. Miss Moores housekeeping. Nothing eventful excepting Leading Tickles subscription list prepared. One dollar received toward Leading tickles.  $.50 for North West Arm. After writing the above an incident of interest took place.  I had to have a plaster put on my back.  My first plaster. Also I commenced to take kidney pills. Lights out at 11:15.


Awoke feeling better, feeling fairly fit. Decided to go to North West Arm but was persuaded out of it. Did not feel so well. Went up to school house – came back. Dressed Jacob Churchill. Had tea with Mr. and Mrs. Churchill. Did some study and writing letters. Candy from Nettie – splendid. In a land of strangers but…


A beautiful sunshine this morning. I was up early and had breakfast. Too bad to get out. Mrs. Moores came downstairs. She has a sore throat – not much better – no appetite. I asked Bro. Moores to lead prayers but he could not. Evening musical. Thinking about home and the experiences of the last few months. Glad to get to bed. Lights out 12:35.


Got up late. Cold hanging on. Ate an egg for breakfast – appetite a little better. I dressed Jacob and am allowing his face to close. Fire in the study. Sermonizing. Not much eventful. Bed at 12:20.


Feeling better -went to prayers. Had a fairly good congregation. Went to Sunday School, quite a big crowd. Prayers at night, a good congregation. Very good prayer meeting. Came home tired but glad to have had a personal talk with one soul. Went to bed rather late.


Interviewed Mr. A. Budgell whom I was expecting to marry. Wedding to be at 2 o’clock. I prepared for the ceremony. At 2:45 we were all in the church (the school house). I commenced with a hymn. Wedding went off well – some slight excitement. Visited down to Spencer’s Cove. Home for tea. Study. Prepared for watchnight service. Text Deut. 31:8. Feeling satisfied concerning meeting. After I came home I did some letters.


I returned from Watchnight service after a splendid time. The first tune was Duke St. I had preached from Deut 31 and had a really good time. We had about forty people in church. This morning I went out to learn how to skate. I had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Spencer. Called at Nehemiah’s and shaved there. We had a party at Mrs. William Moores’ and we had a jolly time. It was quite nice. During the day I had some target practice and did very well with the gun. It was a really holiday.


Went to dress Jacob. Was then busy in the study and did Greek etc. Went up to the steamer. Saw Miss Milley. Went to prayers. Came and found a splendid mail with lots of letters and parcels. All in all a splendid day.


Worked at correspondence most of the day. Went out and tried to get a crew to go to S. Arm on Friday. Resolved to go. Busy.


No time for South Arm. This means that the weather was too bad to venture out in a boat. So I settled down to study. Went up to prayer meeting but there were not many there as most of the people knew I had intended to go up the Arm. We had some singing. We went to Mrs. J. Moores’ and had some more singing after which I came home and read the Methodist Recorder.


Had hoped to go to South Arm but the weather would not permit us to do so. I was visiting in the morning, working at correspondence and at sermons making some preparations for Sunday.


Preached in the morning “When We Preach.” Sunday School in the afternoon. At night I preached from “In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth” [?]. I had good time but disappointed in that there were no visible results. Awfully tired. Quite fagged out.


Up late. Did some reading. Visiting Boone’s Point. Had tea with Mrs. Wall, salmon which I enjoyed. A nice tea meal. When I came home I found we had visitors. I gave the music lesson in the study.

JANUARY 8, 1907

Collecting for the North West Arm and also for Leading Tickles. Received Mrs. Pierce for “Greeting.” Gave Miss Pru a music lesson (this was Miss Prudence Moores daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Moores). Mr. Dalton came to work on the church as foreman. Found him lodgings with Mr. Manuel at the wharf. Received $2 gold piece as a New Years present from Mrs. Moores. Went to bed early feeling rather down.


Up in good time. Study and preparation for preaching at night. Today we got our mail by overland from Botwoodville. An awfully long walk for the men. I had a good mail, some photos which pleased me very much and some paper. I went up to the school house for the prayer meeting but there were not many out as the weather was very stormy. I went ahead with the prayer meeting but could not have a meeting of the building committee as there were not enough of the members able to come out on account of the storm. After I came home I did some reading.


After the most windy night I have ever known through the hours of which I lay awake for after hour I arose and took breakfast and then commenced a frame for Babs and Dorothy. Babs and Dorothy were two little girls belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Cook in Watlington. It continued to blow hard all day. I could not go out. Worked at correspondence and attended to church affairs and did some study.


Went for a run until study warmed up and then did some correspondence. Did some preparation for Monday. Prepared for Prayer meeting. I had a splendid time at prayer meeting. We held a committee meeting and after a lot of talk and discussion we resolved to build a tower for the church and to use the ground floor for a vestry and part of it for a toilet. It is hard to understand why, with lumber so cheap and everybody a carpenter that none of the houses are provided with toilets. It is something I cannot understand and a subject I cannot discuss with them individually. The toilets I had built for the boys and girls of the school should be an example. After I came home I worked in the study until 1 o’clock.


Correspondence. Busy with church affairs. Miss Vatcher helped me with church letters. Study and preparation for Sunday.


Preaching in the morning from St. Luke 19:15. Had a good time and good results. Went to Sunday School in the afternoon. The weather was very dirty in the evening but I preached from Acts 26:28. Held a prayer meeting to which everyone stayed after which I met the class.


Up early. Wrote to baby Clair. Got ready for the South Arm. Mr. J. Rice and Parmiter went with me. I walked to South East Arm and we took a punt there. It was a long hard row. We had to cut through the slob ice with an axe. It was so cold that Mrs. Rice was frost burned. After three hours we reached Budgell’s Point. We had a cup of tea there and then went in punt to Bobby’s Cove and stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Tucker for tea and a rest. I preached at night in Budgell’s Cove from the text “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.” Only a few were present. I came back to Mrs.Tucker’s very tired. (Mr and Mrs Tucker were Anglican people but they always made me welcome and their home was the only home in which I would want to spend the night.)


This morning I visited all the houses in the (Bobby’s) Cove. It was snowing all morning and cold. I came and had dinner at Mrs. Tucker’s. Mr. Charlie Warford walked over the neck with me and up to Mr. Hutchcroft’s home. I had tea there. Left for Mr. Baggs’ home where I spent the night. I played the organ and talked with the family. I walked up to the post office and came home to Mr. Baggs’ and went to bed very tired after walking so far on so much new snow.


I had trouble in the night. Something I had eaten disturbed me so I stayed in bed until noon. When I came down I had toast and salmon. After dinner I went over to Mr. Hutchcroft’s and got my mail which should have gone to New Bay. There were two letters from Dora which I enjoyed very much. There was no letter from mother otherwise a very fair mail. Mr. Hutchcroft paid his fees $5. Very good. I visited a Mr. Peatey and there was no one at prayers. I visited Mr. Shirran. Came home to Mr. Baggs’ and gave a music lesson. Did some study, some correspondence and some reading.


After breakfast I read Steele’s Antinomianism and did some Greek. In the afternoon I visited the houses down shore. I went to church and preached from Deut. 31:8. After I came home I gave them some more music after which I did some study and some correspondence and some reading and retired at 12:30. This has been the coldest day of my life. (In the bedroom where I slept with the teacher I was fascinated by watching the frost gather on the nails in the wood forming the walls of the room).


After breakfast Mr. Rowsell came in and although I tried to do some study and some Greek, I found it impossible. He wanted to talk. After dinner I visited up the shore. It was a beautiful day and not quite so cold. I was home at 5 o’clock and worked on my sermon. After tea went to prayers, used Rev. 3:8 after W. (Waterman or White) and P. (Parmiter) and I went to Mr. Rice. He had gone to bed with his wife, but came down to let me have a pair of skin boots and a pair of snowshoes. I posted some letters and came home and played some more music and did some reading went to bed at 12:40.


I was called early. Mr. Parmiter was ready and we started for North West Arm after breakfast of beans. We left at 7:30 am. It was very cold. The sun was shining brightly. We were soon compelled to put our snowshoes on – mine hurt my feet terribly. We crossed Western Arm and then we crossed the neck and crossed over a big pond. We then had some lunch, some water. We all lay on our stomachs in order to drink. We went on to West. After four hours walking we came to North West Arm. We had a good dinner and a pleasant afternoon in the home at the mill with Mr. and Mrs. Osmond. After tea I did some study and enjoyed chatting with Mr. Osmond. I went to see Mr. Yates and he shaved me and I shaved him. (Mr. Osmond could take a kettle of boiling tea, bubbling over and drink the boiling tea directly from the spout of the kettle. I saw him do it many times).


I awoke in good time and had a nice breakfast of ham and eggs. We went to prayers and used Deut 31:8. There were a good few there. In the afternoon I preached chiefly for the children from St. Matt. 26:42. W. (Waterman or White) and P. (Parmiter) and I went to see Mrs. White who was ill. I had a headache myself. I had tea with Mr F. B. Moores and then came up to prayers where I preached from Acts 26:28. We had a good service with one soul seeking but he did not find the light. I was very tired. My head was aching badly as were my limbs as though I had a severe chill. After supper I retired. My head was aching badly as were my limbs as though had a severe chill. After supper I retired at 10 o’clock. It has been a dirty day with strong winds all day. (Mr. F. B. Moores was a brother of Mr. Peter Moores with whom I lived in New Bay. He had a large family. There were nine families in North West Arm. I used to visit every family every time I went there, if it were possible. They were a good people. I never stayed more than one day and night. If I arrived at noon I would visit all nine families in the afternoon, preach at night and go on to Leading Tickles in the morning. I preached there on Sunday in three months, then of course I had to stay longer. The above is a report of one of those Sundays.)


We arose in good time and after breakfast we started out for Leading Tickles. The snow as deep and the walking very difficult. When we got on the ice the slob was very deep and my legs were soon wet through. We had a cup of tea at Mr. Martin’s home and then went on to Mr. Marsh’s. Mr. White was with me all this time. Then we called at Mr. Leir Rowsell’s at which time Mr. White went back and Mr. George Fudge became my pilot. I had a visit with an old Englishman, Mr. Marsh. Then we borrowed a boat – a punt – and pulled up to the Island. We arrived wet and tired at approximately 3 o’clock. I had a wash and bathed my feet and had some tea. We had to go to Burnt Island for a service and we had a good congregation of 25 people to whom I preached from Deut. 31:8. We had a nice service. In the morning we had a south wind but it became very calm during the day. Towards evening the wind came up again.


After breakfast I went out to visit the folk. Mr. J. Rowsell paid his fee $10.00. After dinner I did some reading. Later we did some shooting and some more visiting. We had a service at night when I preached from Acts 3:6. Had a nice time. Came home and visited until 12:45. A happy evening. Very cold. A breeze in the morning, calmer in evening, Freezing hard. I would like to be in London. It would be rain. [?]


After breakfast I went with Mr. Israel Rowsell to hunt turrs. Turrs are saltwater birds which are very fast and very beautiful and considered good eating. We only got one. We were back in good time for dinner. It was a very fine morning. In the afternoon we had some more target practice. I was the best shot (believe it or not). I did some Greek and also some reading. I am coming down with a cold and feel quite ill but have to prepare for the service tonight. We had our service in the home of Mr. Mark Rowsell when I preached from St. John 10:11 – a fairly good time. The weather is turning milder again. I took supper with Mr. Israel Rowsell and retired, feeling all in with a very bad cold and a sore throat. I visited the school today and saw the teacher at work with the pupils and was quite pleased with the appearance of things.


Was up early and got ready to go to North West Arm. We had some target practice and Mr. Rowsell made a bull’s eye when shooting with Mr. Chippett. We left at 11 o’clock and walked on the ice across the neck to Mr. Allan’s. We took his slide and went to Thimble Tickles. We did nicely. We left the slide and rackets there and walked across the neck arriving at N. W. Arm at 2 o’clock. After a lunch I inspected the school where we found 16 pupils present and everything going well. I borrowed some skates from Mr. ? but did not do very well on them. After some tea we went to prayers. We had no church in N.W. Arm but held services in the school house. There were some men out of the camp so that we had about 25 in the congregation. We had nice service which we closed at 9:40. We went back to Mr. Osmonds and had some supper after which I did some writing and study until 12:10 when I went to bed.


We were up early and prepared for South West Arm. Mr. Osmond and Mr. White came with me all the way. It was very cold and keen wind blew hard from the west. We boiled the kettle and Mr. Osmond drank boiling tea directly from the spout of the kettle. This was a wonderfully strange thing. He could drink the boiling tea without scalding his mouth and throat. We arrived in S.W. Arm at 11:30 and some tea with Mrs. Andrews. We also went to see old Mrs. Andrews. We came to Mr. Baggs and surprised Mr. Waterman – our school teacher. We had diner. During the afternoon I did some writing and some study. We went to prayers which are always held in the school house. Not many were present, very few people knew I was in the settlement. I used St. John 10:11. Went to Mr. Hutchcroft’s and got an order for Rev. Crews and had some supper with him. I received some mail and did some correspondence today. I was glad to go to bed and I was really tired out.


Very weary and tired so stayed in bed for awhile. After breakfast I did some writing but didn’t do much work. I went over the bay on skates with Bro. Waterman who is my teacher here. Mr. Waterman also is lay reader and holds services in my absence. This was the day we got to put an organ into the church (the school house). I was going visiting when I was stopped by Mr. William Thompson who came for me saying that I was needed to marry Joseph Rowsell to Bertha Hutchcroft. I made all the arrangement for this and went to church – where I played some pieces on the organ and then tied the knot. I went to take supper and after supper came back home and to my room where I studied until 1:30. I had lunch during the evening and I ate an orange which was a real luxury.


Just six month ago I bade good bye to all my friends in Lavenham. This morning I was up in good time. Went to prayers. Used Matt. 5:20. Had a good time. In the afternoon I used Watch and Pray. I took tea with Mr. J. Baggs and went to prayers. I preached from Josh. 24: 14-15. We had good congregations all day and really good collections. This morning it was mild but it became frosty through the day and snowed during the evening. I went to visit Mrs. ?. I saw two men from New Bay and made plans to go with them.


After breakfast Mr. Baggs conveyed me to Bobby’s Cove on a sled. I enjoyed the ride. The first time I have ridden behind a horse in Newfoundland. I visited all the people in the Cove and came on to Paradise where I preached in Mr. Ralph’s home. We had 21 present as all came who could from the Cove. After the service I went to visit Mr. Britt and had some supper with him. After that I went back to Mr. Ralph’s and made a pad for a saddle which had raised a bad gall on their little horse. I retired at 12:45. The wind was southern all morning with snow. Quite a dirty day. Wind became western towards evening and towards night it was fine. I am hoping to be in New Bay tomorrow.


I got up early and had a good breakfast and started for New Bay at 9:20. We walked across the Arm 6 or 7 miles and reached Hatchet Cove soon after 11:30. Mr. White and Mr. Boone were there and they had the kettle on the fire. We had some tea and lunch and we started through the woods for South East Arm. The handle of my valise broke and I had to carry it on my shoulder. We reached South East Arm and had a cup of tea with Mrs. Sanger while Mr. Sanger went on with my valise. I reached home and found Talk a Phone on the go. I was busy all evening unpacking, music, accounts. Very good report. Went to bed tired at 10:20 – had a good night.


I rose and had breakfast after which I walked up to the church and was very pleased with the progress that had been made. I then visited the school and did the necessary business, after which I came home to study. After dinner I was in my study until I heard the mail was in. During the winter our mail was carried by man to Botwoodville – a long walk – as was brought back by him. It would be once a week or perhaps it might be two weeks. We were always glad to hear that the mail had arrived. We had no other connection with the world as we had no telegraph office near us. Mr. George Boone wanted work but I could not help him. He wanted flour but I had to leave it for a while. I went to prayers and after the service I had a long talk with Mr. Yates. This Mr. Yates was in opposition to Mr. Peter Moores with whom I lived. (There was always a political pull between them and this was the cause of a great deal of trouble which led to the arrest of Mr. Moores and his imprisonment. That however was long after I had left the circuit). I came home and had some supper and went to my studies and retired at 12 o’clock. The wind eased up and became southern and milder towards evening when it snowed a little.


This morning when I awoke my room floor was covered with snow. I have always slept with my window open although Mrs. Moores has objected to it all the time. Now however, I have to give in and I have promised to shut my window. I had a very busy day in the study working at several subjects. Perhaps I should say that I was supposed to write examination in May on 12 subjects for the equivalent of matriculation. Besides this I was working on all the subjects in first year theology – so that in all I was studying twenty three subjects which meant that I was always reading or studying and all of this beside preparing sermons. In the afternoon I did some visiting and gave some music lessons and had tea with Mr. & Mrs. J. Moores and their family. We had rabbit for tea. After I came home I did some work on correspondence and some Greek. So ended January.


When I came down to breakfast I found that Mrs. Moores was too sick to get up. Mr. Moores was taking care of her. I was busy in the study. In the afternoon I went to Mrs. W? Moores and gave a music lesson. Tonight I went to prayer meeting and after prayer meeting held a building committee meeting. It was a difficult meeting and the disputations make me very sad. It was nearly eleven o’clock when I got home and midnight before I went to bed.


Up fairly early and was busy all day preparing for preaching tomorrow.


I was up in good time and had breakfast. I went to prayers and had good congregations. Used “Witness of the Spirit”. I came home to dinner and went back to Sunday School. I came home to tea. I had a very serious talk with Adolphus Moores. The day had been very mild but it began to blow hard. I went to the church for service and people were late on account of the storm but a good crowd assembled. I preached from I Kings 18:12 with which I had a good time. Came home with E.A. and M.V. I retired at 11:45. Alone, thinking of England.


After breakfast I went to New Bay Head and made as many calls as possible and collected twenty dollars towards the church building fund. It was a busy day. I enjoyed the scenery. New Bay Head made the point that made the bay and was exposed to Leading Tickles and the islands off-shore. It was a desolate spot for the few families who lived there. On the way home I called at Mrs. Spencers and stayed there for tea. (This Spencer home was one of our best. Mr. & Mrs. Spencer were fine Christian people. Hale, hearty and strong. They lost two sons drowned through the ice before I knew them. They had two daughters and two or three sons, all grown up when I knew them – the boys were grown up. One daughter was younger. There was a family named Whitehorn who lived near the Spencers. Mrs. Whitehorn was a widow. Her son often accompanied me on my journeys.) I collected several fees during the day. When I came home I gave some music lessons. The wind was western all day veering to north in the evening. The ice is broken up by the wind. Very frosty. Did some study. I retired at 12 o’clock.


It was much warmer today but still cold. I spend the whole morning in the study. I went to church and found several men at work. Went to study again. Did some Greek. Very tired but pegging away. Bed at 11 o’clock.


I spent most of this day in the study. The mail came in today but it was disappointing as there was nothing from England. I went to prayer meeting but only few were present. It is disappointing to have such a long walk for so few but most of the people have a long way to come and the weather is rough. We have quite a lot of snow. It is turning milder. I received a post card from Bro. Dycer(?).


We go up fairly early and were in the study all morning. After dinner I went to South East Arm to visit. South East Arm people worshipped in the school at Cottrell’s Cove – or Cottle’s Cove – where we were building the new church and which was my place of residence when I was at home. We had several families in SEA and I collected $23.50 towards the new church. I also collected six dollars fees towards my salary. (New Bay was part of the Exploits Mission and was Home Mission Station. My salary for the year was $250.00. I was supposed to collect all I could and the Mission Grant was set. If I could not collect from the people the amount suggested by the Financial District Meeting I had to do without it as the Mission Board would not make up deficiencies). I was very late in getting home. The Northern Lights were very bright and beautiful. I had never seen anything to equal this display. Very cold and frosty. Bed at 12:15.


I was in the study all the morning. After dinner I set off for Flurry’s Bight. Flurry’s Bight was beyond New Bay Head and between that and Fortune Harbour. On the north side were a few Protestants and on the south side a few Roman Catholics – these were connected with Fortune Harbour. In New Bay there were no Roman Catholics and in Fortune Harbour there were no Protestants. When the priest wanted to go to Leading Tickles to visit his people our men would take him over in a boat and when I want to go to Exploits their men would put across the run. The run was the Exploits River 3-4 miles wide from Northern Arm or Outer Cove or sometimes I had to walk up the shore to ?. I wanted to see Mr. Rice but when I got to his home I found that he had gone to New Bay Head. I went to see Mrs. Budgell. I also called at Mr. John Moores and gave a music lesson. We went to prayer meeting and had a splendid crowd. The Northern Lights were brilliant. I came home and started to write some letters.


I was busy in the study most of the day. In the afternoon I walked up to the church to see how the work was going. I came back to tea and wrote some letters. I had a good day in my soul and am looking forward to tomorrow for a good time. This was a lovely day – not so cold, a little snow. The Northern Lights were beautiful but not as wonderful as last night and the night before.


After breakfast I went to Church where I preached from “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Some were upset I preached from experience, straight. I met the class – atmosphere warm. After dinner I went to Sunday School and we had a good company. Tonight the Church (school house) was full and I had a good time. Collection for church fund $2.63. The singing today has been splendid. Here I might say that I had to play the organ as well as preach as I was the only person who knew a note of music and none of my pupils were yet able to play a tune. I had six pupils whom I taught absolutely free. I enjoyed playing the organ and did not mind the extra effort. I was glad to have the organ.


I stayed in bed until noon. I did not feel at all well and my side hurt. After dinner I went to give music lessons and had a pleasant afternoon. I came home and put things straight in the study. I heard good reports of yesterday’s sermons. The mail came in from Fortune Harbour. A splendid mail for me. I paid Mr. Dalton $28.60 for his first months wages. Mr. Dalton was the man whom we hired to be foreman at the church. He agreed to be foreman with the understanding that when I had money to pay him he could work and when I did not have any money with which to pay him he would stay home at Exploits and work in his own shop. He is a very good workman but he has a queer makeup and I have one or two good stories about him. Thomas Boone brought me $5.00 today for the church. I went to bed as early as possible as my side was very painful – which I put down to the strain I suffered in the fall when I went ashore in the punt. That is another story.


In the study for an hour or so. I feel better. It is a very cold day. I visited the school. I wish we could have some milder weather as we need lumber for the church. Mrs. Budgell brought me $2.00 for the church.


I was in my study most of the day. I made preparations for prayer meeting tonight. The mail came today. I had only two letters but heaps of books. We had a good congregation at Prayer meeting and a nice time. Tonight I enjoyed some light reading and the Oxford Circuit Magazine.


Today is milder, I did not feel very bright but I worked all I could in the study. I was not out all day. Mrs. Moores sick. J. Boone brought me $4.00 for the church. Wind southerly, coming on to rain I hope.


This was a very rough stormy day. I was busy in the study. Did some Greek. I went up to Prayer Meeting. There were not many present but for such a stormy night one could expect no more. I paid for the building of the W.C. (This was the first building that was engaged in Newfoundland when I went to New Bay. I was horrified to find that no one had a building for private purposes. Notwithstanding plenty of lumber and perfectly good workmanship and ability, for every man was a carpenter there was not a family in the whole area who had a toilet or water closet or what in England we called a Privy and as chairman of the school board I had one built on the school grounds one for the boys and one for the girls. I expected this to be a pattern for the families but it made no difference so far as I know. There were many embarrassing occasions on this account and I think that a great deal of the illness from which people suffered (constipation) etc. was caused by these conditions. However, the school children were provided with a proper toilet.) In the evening after prayer meeting I came home and went to my study.


Not feeling first class. Went to Fortune Harbour with Adolphus Moores. Took tea with Mr. Gladly?. Came home and was in the study until 1:30 preparing for tomorrow.


Light snow this morning. We had a good congregation. A good Sunday School and at night a good congregation and a good service. It was breezy in class but not worth notice. I came home very tired and went to bed early at 10:30 (These Sundays entailed a walk of over a mile to get to church. Tea service was held in a school room which was used all week for school purposes. We had a teacher for the full ten month; Miss Vatcher. I played all the hymns and preached and led the singing. I also conducted the “Class Meeting”. I also took charge of the Sunday School and taught the senior group. That meant walking again. Then at night the same distance to walk. So I walked at least six miles and was on my feet most of the day. There is no wonder that I was tired at night. I was not yet 21 years of age.)


I went out and gave music lessons this morning. In the afternoon I visited Boone’s Point. Just as I got home Mr. N. Moores came to see me. (This was Nehemiah). We had a long talk in the study and a very satisfactory time. He and his brother Ezra are much interested in the church and will help financially. They understand the difference between the old people and will help me. The wind came up after supper and it became colder. I was glad to get to bed.


Was cold all night and not able to sleep because my feet were so cold. There was a very rough wind all day. Busy in study. Miss Vatcher came and stayed for tea. I was busy all evening with Greek and other studies. Wind eastern and changing to south, much milder.


I went up to the church and saw Mr. Dalton and Mr. Manuel and also Mr. John Moores. Satisfactory. Preaching tonight from “If any may be in Christ he is a new creature”. Committee meeting afterwards. All well. I received $5.00 from Mr. Barr, $20.00 from Ezra Moores, $20.00 from Nehemiah Moores. Mail from England. Mother is ill. Nothing from London. Reading Joyful News. Mild, wind S.E.


Correspondence. Very mild, sloppy. Tonight went to see Mr. James Peace (Pearce) and he gave me $10.00 for the church. Had a long talk, came home with Nehemiah Moores – tired.


Study, Greek: all day indoors. Prayer meeting at night – good congregation.


Too rough to travel so I had to stay at home. Preparation for Sunday. Spent some time with Mr. John Moores, Adolphus spoke to me about a certain matter. South Arm Saul ? Cuthbert in study, draughts. Mrs. Moores played 1st game, up late, tired and went to bed.


Went to prayers. Good congregation. Had a nasty fall, hurt my knee. It was difficult to walk home. I used “Be strong therefore etc.” A good class meeting. After Sunday School I held a meeting for the boys. Tonight I was encouraged with a good congregation. I preached from “The Prodigal son”. We had a good testimony meeting. When I went home I was very tired as my leg hurt and my head ached. Went to bed at 10:30.


My leg hurt a good deal and I did not go out in the morning. Mr. Osmond came down from North West Arm. Watched a dog fight. Adolphus sent up to say that he was going to South West Arm and I decided to go with him. We found the ox had come. We started off at 3:40, met Mr. Baggs but after a chat continued our journey. I was very much interested in the cracks in the ice. We arrived just as the folks were having tea. 7:15. I was very pleased to learn that the church was prospering and that so many souls are saved. Went to see Mark Stuckless. I went and bought some clapboard. Went to see Mr. Hutchcroft. Came back to supper and was glad to get to bed. Milder. A long day and quite a lot of work accomplished.


A very stormy morning. Snowing and blowing but I had to go out to try to buy some clapboard for the new church in Cottrell’s Cove, New Bay. I went to see John Shirran to get the loan of his ox but he was not a home. Then I went to see Mr. George who offered me the loan of his when Mr. Rice should come down. I visited Mrs. Rice who is ill. Then I came home to Mr. William Baggs to dinner. It was the custom for the minister to stay at Mr. Baggs home. The school master boarded there and as the school master was also the lay reader the minister could occupy the same bed. After dinner I went out again and found Mr. Stuckless and found that he had only 2 m clapboard. Then I went to Mr. Hutchcroft who let me have 2 m more at $8.00 (or $9.00) per m and gave me two dollar donation. This clapboard was No 1 spruce. (What a small price to pay for good No 1 lumber. How different today 1960.  How different today 1992). I went to church and preached to a good company. We had a good time. I met the new converts and did all I could to encourage them. I came home and went to bed. A hard day’s work done. Did some reading.


This was a lovely morning. Wind south west by west. I went to see Mr. Rice and engaged him to haul the lumber down to New Bay. Then we started to walk home to New Bay. We walked under the shore. It was pleasant with a fair wind. We reached home soon after 2 and were glad to have some dinner. Then a shave and a clean up. Then attended to some letters and got ready for church. There was a nice congregation to whom I preached about Paul’s conversion, Saul’s conversation. Then we had a choir practice and away home for some supper, bed and reading.


I had intended to go to North West Arm this morning but it was too cold to venture out to walk over the open bay. Then message came that I was needed by Mr. and Mrs. Cox to baptize their baby Clara Pearl Cox. I started to walk to New Bay Head. It was very, very cold. Mr. Sanger was with me. I was home in time for tea after which I got down to study. I wrote to some friends in Watlington. At 1:30 I quit work and went to bed.


It was still too cold to go to North West Arm so I started to study. I went out and gave some music lessons. Then I went to prayer meeting. I had a very bad fall. Adolphus came home with me and stayed a few minutes. Mr. Churchill sent his fees. Wind changed from north to north west.


I was up fairly early and prepared to go to Leading Tickles. Had dinner at home then went to see Adolphus and we started at 2:40 and went by way of Budgell’s Brook and arrived on Rowsell’s Island at 6:20. We had a very pleasant evening. Miss Rowsell paid her fee $5.00. I found I had to sleep with Arthur and we got to bed at 11:45. It was a little milder with a little snow and a south west wind.


I stayed in bed until 9 or past. A great storm was raging with lots of snow and the fences covered. There were only 6 in church (in a home). I used Gen. 18. In the afternoon we went to Burnt Island. I fell into the tickle. I did some visiting. We had prayers after tea but only a few were present on account of the bad weather. We came back to Rowsell’s Island to spend the night. Arthur was away and I miss talking to him. The weather became much milder and the wind dropped.


I got early and after breakfast prepared to return to New Bay. We had some practice shooting before we went. We started form home at 10:45 and reached home at 2:45. I had a splendid dinner at Mrs. J. Moores. Gave some music lessons. Came home for tea. Spent evening with Mr. Moores as I was too tired to study. We had a cold north wind all day and walking was difficult. Wind calmed down towards evening. To bed at 11:15.


I was expecting the Rev. Robert Maddock, my superintendent, but he did not come. I had a good deal of pain in my eyes caused by the reflection of the light on the snow or by so much reading. As Mr. Maddock did not come I settled down to my study of history which I quite enjoyed. I was not out all day as there was a cold wind from the north and I wanted to get some work done on my books. I went to bed at 12:15. Somewhat tired after a hard day’s study.


I worked in the study all morning. After dinner the mail came in. It had been brought over land from Botwoodville. There were no letters from England. This was a very rough stormy day. I prepared for the evening service at which we had only about a dozen present. After the service we had practice for the entertainment and we were home at 10:40. It was blowing a gale from the northeast. I went to work and retired at 2:30.


The gale increased with an awfully hard wind. I worked almost all day at History until after tea when I did some Greek and studied the dialogues. I am glad to be able to stay indoors from this terrible wind and cold. I did some preparation for the entertainment and went to bed at 1 o’clock.


his had been another tough day. Wind and snow. I stayed close to the study all day and worked at Greek. Tonight I went to prayer meeting. Quite a fair number were out considering the weather. I made plans to go to South West Arm tomorrow.


We started for South West Arm calling at Boone’s Point and South East Arm. Garland and I went on and allowed ? And ? to catch up to us. We reached Mr. Britts where we had some tea. Called at houses on the way up. Went to post office and found some letters from home and a bible as a birthday present with which I was very pleased. Mr. Hutchcroft as usual was very considerate (gave me one priven?) And after supper we went over to the lodge and then home to tea.


I walked across the arm and across the neck to Southern Arm where I preached to about 30 people from Gen. 18:25. Walked back to dinner – 3 miles each way. After dinner went to church where there were 50 people present to whom I preached from ? Then went to tea. In the evening I preached from St. Luke 15:20 to over 60 people. We had a very good time. I called on Mr. A. Shirrian and on Mrs. John Sherman who is sick. I reached home at 11:30 and had some supper and went to bed tired and soon fell asleep.


Started for New Bay and sent to S. Arm where I baptized Rebecca Susanna. When I asked the father to name this child he said “Rebecca Suzanne sir”. I went on to Mr. Rolf’s and had lunch there. He gave me a donation for Missions. Then I started for home which I reached at 6 o’clock. I as told that Mr. Maddocks had just gone down to Mrs. Moores. He came up after tea and stayed until 11 o’clock. We made arrangements to decide tomorrow what to do. After he had gone I wrote some letters and did some study until 1:50. Tired and went to bed and to sleep.


This is my brother Fred’s birthday. I wish him many happy returns of the day. After breakfast I made arrangements to bury Mr. Boone’s child tomorrow. I saw Bro. Maddock and made arrangements with Mr. Malichi Moores to go with him to South West Arm. Saw N and J who promised to help me. Came home to dinner after which I was in the study.


The weather was too bad for Mr. Maddock to go to South West Arm. I was busy during the morning and in the afternoon I went to South East Arm to bury Arthur Boone. Bro. Maddock was up after tea. I worked in my study until 1 o’clock.


I started off to see Bro. Maddock and got Malachi Moores and . Whitehorn and dog to go with us. We had a fine time up and had prayers in Bobby’s Cove. Bro. Maddock used St. John 10:10. After prayers a nice chat and to our bedroom at 12 o’clock. (Bobby’s Cove was one of three little communities in that area – on the western end of the bay.). We passed up the shore by Mr. Britt’s and Mr. Rolf’s. (These men grew potatoes which they shipped to the mines at Tilt Cove. On the way home one day two of Mr. Rolf’s sons were drowned as they tried to warp up the arm. The anchor took them down. Then there was the little settlement of families by the name of Warford where we usually met for service. Then in Bobby’s Cove there was a very respectable family by the name of Tucker who were really Church of England. It was here that we slept that night. I can remember that home tonight more than 53 years ago. They were always good to any minister who called.)


Woke and had a chat with Mr. Maddock after which I got up. Mr. Thompson wanted a paper signed and Mr. Maddock made out an affidavit to which Mr. Thompson swore his oath. We then had breakfast after which Mr. Maddock and I walked to South West Arm. We went to Mr. Hutchcroft’s where we had dinner. (This place is now called Leamington. It was called Point Leamington years ago but I don’t know why the Point, as there was no point there. The water in this arm is very deep and ocean going vessels could dock there. It was said that the hills were rich in copper.) We went over to Mr. Baggs and met Bro. Waterman, our school teacher, on the way. After tea we went to prayers and decided to hold our Missionary Meeting on Saturday – tomorrow. Then we went home to Mr. Baggs and I played the organ and had some supper and went to bed at 12 o’clock. (Mrs. Tucker gave me a pair of vamps for a birthday present and Miss Warford gave me $.60 for a birthday present. I am now 21 years of age; a man. (How different was this birthday from those I spent in England with those whom I loved and to whom I belonged.)


Busy all day visiting and preparing for the Missionary Meeting. We went to Mr. Hutchcroft’s to tea. We had a really good time at the Missionary meeting and were ten dollars ahead of last year. During the day I wrote letters home. Went to bed at 2 o’clock.


Up just in time to catch dogs and came down as far as T. Arm Point. I left the dogs there and walked the rest of the way and to school in time for a sing and then home to tea. Then I came back to the church and conducted the service and preached.


Not a bit well and stayed in bed until 2 o’clock. Then I had to prepare for the party. We had a nice time. Then we went for a practice and back to supper and a happy hour with the young people.


Had a good day visiting. I drew up a petition to House. I visited South East Arm and baptised Elsie White and went to the Arm. Then I went to the school to practice until 11 o’clock. Then I went home and had some tea and went to bed.


Got ready for the entertainment. I was busy all day. We had tea early. The weather was bad. In fact there was an awful storm. Snow, snow, snow. There were not many out the entertainment but the programme went off well and we all had a good time. We raised $10.21. It was an awful walk home. The fellows had a lot of fun carrying me out of the school. Home and comfort by the fire. Went to bed at 2 o’clock.


I was tired but spent the day in my study. In the evening I went to Miss E. Moores party where we had a nice time. Blowing and snowing outside. After coming home I attended to some correspondence. Went to bed at 1 o’clock. An awfully rough day.


It was too rough to leave for Exploits. Snow and blowing. I went up to the school for prayer meeting but no one was there. I was busy in the study all day and did my best to make plans to go to Exploits tomorrow.


Blowing and snowing, could not possibly go to Exploits. I wrote to Mr. Maddock and Mr. Bond and worked in the study and made preparations for tomorrow.


Blowing a gale. Huge drifts of snow. I went as far as Mr. Churchill’s and had to stay there. We had some music and reading. Preparing Missionary Meeting addresses. I spent the evening reading and went early to bed.


Reading and studying all day. At night I was able to make arrangements to go to Exploits in the morning. It was a fine day but windy. I went down the road after tea to make sure of getting away in the morning.


I was up early and had breakfast. At 8 o’clock we set off. A. & H. Moores, Mrs. Carol of Fortune Harbour gave us some nice tea. We reached Exploits and had some dinner. Bro. Maddock home and with him was Bro. Mumford whom I was very pleased to meet. We spent a very pleasant evening.


Exploits Missionary Meetings. Busy all day. Made arrangements for meeting. Went to see the doctor. Went to the ? And was curate for Bro. Mumford. We had a very fine service. This afternoon I went to see the doctor and spent a happy time with him. We came home and after a bite of supper retired in good time.


We were busy getting ready for Sampson’s Island but after dinner it came on the snow and we were not able to go. I got down to my books and put in some time in study.


This morning I preached from St. Luke 23:33 and had a good time. We spent some time shovelling snow. We prepared for missionary meeting. Mr. Maddock and Mr. Mumford and I addressed the meeting. We had a splendid meeting and a good collection $42.87. Mr. & Mrs. Maddock were very much pleased. At 12 o’clock we went to bed tired but happy.


We were busy all morning. We started at 2 o’clock to go to Black Island. We walked all the way. After tea we went to the meeting. We had a fine meeting with the collection better than last year. After the meeting Mr. Maddock and Mr. Mumford left for home. I was left behind. I had a chat and prayers and to bed.


We were up and after breakfast I went to church. My first Easter Sunday in Newfoundland on an island among absolute strangers. I preached from 1 Cor. 15 on the Resurrection Went to dinner with Mr. Primer and then to afternoon prayers and then tea with Mr. Dorey. After the evening service I had a personal talk with two young men. Then we had a bite of supper and started for Exploits. The dogs brought me as far as Taylor’s Head from whence I walked home. Supper and so to bed. What a difference from last Easter.


I was thinking of last Easter at Wallington C.C. Year before at C.C. Hunstlum(?). I rose at 9 o’clock but I was very tired from my walk last night and my Sunday at Black Island. I spent the morning writing some letters. I was busy in the afternoon with some studies. I went to Mrs. Manuels to tea and then to practice and then to Mrs. M. to supper. Home at 12 o’clock.


I rose and prepared for church. This was the first Orange church Service that have seen. I played the organ. The choir did well. After dinner I went to the hall after which I had tea and then went to Mr. Sceviour and Mr. Dalton. I came back to the hall where I gave an address and some recitations. Home at 11:30.


Started from home. Dogs could not haul the sled with me on it as the snow was so heavy. We reached Northern Head safely. A new storm came on but we reached Fortune Harbour safely. It was a very hard walk. We had some tea and came on to Mr. Quirks and to Mr. Wiseman’s. Then to Mr. Manuel’s. Then home. Tired, weary, ill. Supper. A glorious mail. Bed.


I stayed in bed until 1 o’clock. Had a severe pain in my side and put on a mustard plaster. (I think I should say here that I was troubled all that fall with a severe pain in my right side which I considered due to a strain sustained in the early fall when I got blown ashore in a punt. In order to relieve the pain I frequently walked to my appointments with a mustard plaster on my side to relieve the pain. I have since wondered whether it was not appendicitis and that it afterwards flared up in Farnham when I was so ill after the appendix was removed by operation.) I felt very ill all day, went over last night’s mail and answered some letters.


The pain was easier but the poultice was uncomfortable. I was busy all day. Miss Vatcher was in and helped me with some copying. I did some study and some correspondence and prepared my sermons for tomorrow.


What a day! I never saw such a storm of snow and wind. Huge drifts of snow made walking impossible. No one could get out. No church service possible. Music and reading occupied the day. Bed at 11 o’clock.


The wind dropped but snow continued but not so heavily. I was indoors all day. Worked steadily in study preparing for examinations.


I had awful headache. Spent the afternoon in the study. Went out to give music lessons. A.M. Esq. gave $20.00 for church.


Up in good time. Very busy in study all day. In the afternoon prepared sermon for tonight. Went to church but there not enough present for a service. Came home with ?? And played draughts.


Mailman brought only one letter for me. I studied most of the day and wrote a few letters. Miss Vatcher and Miss Ernie came up after tea and we had some music and singing. I was not out all day.


This morning I was busy in the study. In the afternoon I went to see Mr. William Moores and got $20.00 for the church. Then I went to see Willie Clark and Lieut. Alcock. Then I went to prayers and preached from “They were all filled with the Holy Ghost”. Came home with Mr. N. Moores. Supper and writing. Prepared to go to Leading Tickles. Went to bed at 1 o’clock.


I arose at 6 o’clock and had breakfast. At 8 o’clock we started for Leading Tickles. Had a nice walk and was in good time for dinner. I visited Burnt Island and preached there at night from John 3:16. We had a good congregation and a good time. Arthur gone again.


Arose in good time and took breakfast. We had a good congregation and a good time. Snowing and soft turning to rain. We went to Burnt Island for afternoon service. We came back to Rowsell’s Island and had tea. Evening prayers and preaching went well. $2.00 collection. It has been a happy day – a very nice day. Arthur not here. I miss him. APRIL 15, 1907 MONDAY Rose early and had breakfast. Miss Rowsell, Isreal and I had some shooting practice. Miss R best today. Mr. Israel Rowsell walked with me to Thimble Tickles. It was very heavy walking. I bade him good bye on the neck and he returned home and I went on to N.W. Arm alone. I reached Mr. Yates at about dinner time and went on to Mr. Osmond’s for dinner. I then visited all nine houses in the Arm and preached at night. Mr. Osmond was in bed and I did not see him. I received the money from Miss Osmond.


I arose soon after 6 o’clock and after breakfast started for New Bay. Walking on the ice was good until we got to Little N.W. Arm when it became very heavy. Home at about 11 o’clock. I had a bath and went to bed for a while. Frequently after a long walk I would go to bed. Mrs. Moores could never understand why I did this. She wanted me to eat my dinner. She thought that if I were tired I should eat my dinner and so get strength. I told here that my stomach was as tired as my feet and legs. After a couple of hours in bed I would get up and pick up my work for the day. I worked in the study until midnight.


Very busy all day in the study. Received a letter from Mr. Mumford. Tonight there was a good congregation for the preaching service. The work was so far advanced on the church that we had a meeting tonight to prepare to shingle the roof.


Busy in the study. Mail from home, nice letters made me homesick and lonely. Mr. Fox, a travelling photographer, took my photograph in the study. Examinations looming up. 22 of them, Oh my!


Correspondence. Studying, visiting, I went up to the church. I sent Mr. Clark to Exploits to get the doctor. I was busy studying for exams.


Busy in the morning. Miss Vatcher came in the evening. I was studying all day, Greek etc. Doing preparation for tomorrow.


After breakfast I went to prayer. Snowing hard. We had 25 men in the congregation and one woman. We had a nice service and a good class meeting. I came home to dinner and went back to Sunday School. After that we had singing practice – home to tea and then back to the church for service. There was a fairly good congregation for such a terrible night. Collection $1.10. I was said by one that it was the best meeting of the whole winter. We went home for a rest and some supper and to bed.


Not at all well. Stayed in bed until dinner, I was busy in the afternoon in the study but could not do very much.


I felt better but not much. I did what I could be could not keep at it. It turned milder.


Feeling quite ill and stayed in bed until 11 o’clock. The mail came in and I received a good share. I wrote some letters but could do no study. I was very weary and tired. It turned milder and came on to rain and blow.


Not feeling at all well but kept about. I did some work. I went to prayers at night. I was very tired. There were no people there so I came home. I wrote to Mr.Britt and to bed tired.


Did not get up until late as I still felt ill. I did a little work. I received a note from Miss Vatcher.


Feeling much better. Good congregation at church. I used Rom. 3:31 and had a nice time. We came home on the ice. Miss E. nearly fell in. After dinner we went to Sunday School – had a nice lesson. Miss Prudence Moores played the organ. I stayed at Mrs. Manuel’s to tea. I became quite hoarse and was quite ill but was able to get through alright. I used Isa. 55:67. Went home for supper. We had a splendid day. Went to bed early.


I was so hoarse that I could not speak. Mrs. Moores rubbed my chest with liniment which eased the pain. Miss E. Came to tell me about Nettie and her bad hand. Nettie came up in the afternoon. Her finger is very bad. Certainly some innards infection is indicated. Used (?) B. For a few days then will substitute. It is impossible for me to open a book for I am so weary. I feel ill all over but the pain in my chest is worse than anything else. Lieut Alcock died at noon today. It is sad.


Feeling very sadly with very bad pains in my chest and in fact in all my limbs. Quite a bad cold. I came downstairs at 10 o’clock and tried to do a little of this and that. There is a stiff off-shore breeze and the snow is going fast.


My cold is still holding on and I was glad to stay indoors all day. I was too sick to take the service but as it is raining hard it does not matter as no one can go to church so there will be no prayers. I have been dizzy at times throughout the day.


Feeling much better today. I attended the funeral of Lieut. Alcock. It took quite a long time. I came home tired and hungry. I worked until late. An inshore wind brought the ice in.

MAY 3, 1907 FRIDAY

Not as well as yesterday but getting better. Letters came from Bro. Maddock and Dr. Overton. I am to go to Exploits to write my examinations so I will prepare tomorrow. I hope we shall be able to make it alright.


At 5:15 Mrs. Moores called me and I got up and had eggs for breakfast and at 5:55 we left the house and started our walk to Exploits. We reached Fortune Harbour at 7:45 and Mr. Hamilton had us go in and made us a cup of tea. We left at 8:20 and walked to Walden’s Cove. Mr. Ned Sever (or Lever) put me over the run in his punt. The run is the mouth of the Exploits River and is about four miles wide. It is, of course, open sea and is sometimes very dangerous but this day was favourable and we had a lovely time in the boat. We landed at Sargent’s Cove and Mrs. Jones had us go in and she made some tea for us. Elihu harnessed up his dog to a sled and hauled my valise over Bro. Maddocks. I walked over the ice in the harbour. Someone should have warned me. It was black and very dangerous and people on the shore were watching me fearfully. However, I got across without falling through but I learned never to trust black ice again. I reached the parsonage in time for dinner so all in all it was a good trip. I had a rest and played some music for Mr. & Mrs. Maddock. Then I did some reading. Mr. Dalton came to see me about the work on the church in New Bay and we had a long talk about everything connected with it. At eventide I did some brushing up with some of my subjects and sent to bed at 10:30. I was tired after such a long walk and so much discussion and a bit weary but I felt right at home. I wonder how the folks at home would like to be here. It’s quite different from London or Oxford or Lavenham.


We were up in nice time and we had breakfast together. I preached in church from Matt. 22:42. I spent the afternoon at home. In the evening I played the organ. Bro. Maddock preached from John 6:52-53. After the service some of the young men came in. Messrs. Purchase and Milley. We had some music and singing. We retired at 11:30. This was a good day.

MAY 6, 1907 MONDAY

It is now 12:15 midnight. This is the first day of my examinations. I am filled with wonder as to how I shall spend the day and with what success. I shall pursue my labours. Bro. Maddock has been very kind and I have enjoyed the past day. No mention of exams to cause worry has been made; but little drifts of encouragement. I do not feel very nervous. I realize that I am in God’s hands and that I have done my duty day by day; and I intend to trust God and my brethren. Also to abide by this “Build a little fence of trust around today”. I shall be glad when it is gone but while it continues I have the promise “so I am with thee always” Lord I am thy servant. Help me. Amen. 4:30pm I have done Wesley’s Sermons and Roman History. Now I am off for a run. 11:40pm. The first day’s work with examinations is done. I think it will be alright. God has been very good. Bro. Maddock has been very thoughtful and took me for a walk. I did Grecian History after tea. I wonder how my folks at home are? Wesley’s Sermons, Roman History and History of Greece are over. Now to bed and to get some sleep. (Here I would like to say that in August, 1906, after I landed I was told that I would be expected to write the examinations necessary for an equivalent for matriculation and also certain Theological subjects in May. I obtained these books from Mr. Pike but they were lost in transit and I did not get them until September or October. But I was so ambitious or simple-minded that I entered for my first year’s Theology as well as for the first year’s work. So that I found myself with no less than 22 examinations to write. My field was extensive and scattered and all through the year I had worked very hard at these book. My hardest task was to learn Greek. I had no one to teach me but I did very well and made a lst class for the year.)

MAY 8, 1907 WEDNESDAY 5 p.m.

Have just finished my paper on catechism and New Testament quotations. This morning I did my paper on Geography. I am glad this is over. I expect to take another paper after tea. 12 midnight I did my first paper for my First year, i.e. “New Testament and its Writers” McClymont. Have been plugging at Eudlid. Hope I can get through tomorrow. I am feeling tied but Bro. Maddock is very kind.


I have just been for a walk with Mr. & Mrs. Maddock and I am feeling better for it and I must now make preparations for Epworth league tonight. This morning I wrote my Euclid examinations. I think I got on very well. Then I did my sermon sketch. After dinner I wrote the paper on the Organized Sunday School. Now I have finished my first year’s homeleties. I hope I can do the rest. 11:45. I have been to Epworth League. I had a good time but my chest is bad. I have been in to Mrs. J. Manuels and have thoroughly enjoyed super. Now I am going to take a draught which Bro. Maddock has given me for my chest as I want to do a good days work tomorrow.

MAY 10, 1907 FRIDAY

This morning I took two papers. Wesley’s Sermons and Old Testament History. I’m not feeling a bit well. My chest is still very painful. This afternoon I want to do another and then another tonight. I hope I get through as I don’t want this bother next year. At dinner time Mr. Maddock suggested that I should take a rest and to the rest of my papers next week as the continual strain would be too much for me. So this afternoon I wrote some letters and went Mr. & Mrs. Maddock to see Mrs. Manuel. Tonight I attended the prayer meeting at which I gave a short address. After we came home from prayer meeting I studied Christian Perfection which I hope to write tomorrow. I am feeling much better than I did last Friday.


This morning I was up at 8 o’clock and was reading until 12 o’clock when I wrote the paper on Christian Perfection. After dinner I went to see the doctor and he gave me some tablets for my chest and throat. Now I must do some plugging at Steeles. 11:55 I just came upstairs. I have done nothing at Steeles as the Portia came in and I went down to see her. Then the schooner was launched. After that we had tea. After tea I began to copy my sermon for exams and have just finished. Now I must prepare for bed. How different from last Saturday night. I have the burden of sixteen papers off my head for a time at least. It is blowing hard.

MAY 12, 1907 SUNDAY

I was up in good time and preached in the morning from Matt 16:24. We had a very good congregation. In the afternoon I attended the prayer meeting. At night I read the scripture lesson and assisted in the Reception Service and also in the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. I quite enjoyed the service. Bro. Maddock preached an appropriate sermon. After we came home I did some reading and thinking of home and loved ones there. I went to bed tired.

MAY 13, 1907 MONDAY

I did not get up early. After breakfast I did some study and wrote my examination on Steele’s Antinomianism. I was pleased with the paper. I then studied Greek until 5:30 when I went with Mr. Maddock to Mr. Manuel’s. I expect to do my Greek paper tomorrow. It’s late now and must try to get some sleep.

MAY 14, 1907 TUESDAY 11 pm.

Thank God sincerely that examinations are over. I finished Greek today at 4:45. It was a stiff paper. I am wondering what the results will be. I can do what Dr. Dunn advised me to do. viz. “Trust God” and my Brethren God has been good. Mr. & Mrs Maddock have been very kind and I appreciate all that they have done to make my stay enjoyable. Tonight I took tea with Mr & Mrs. Lyver and had a nice time.


We started to return to New Bay but found some ice in lower harbour and so could not leave. We hoped that the wind would die down and that we could leave in the afternoon but it still blew hard and we could not go. We went to se Mrs. Purchase and Mrs. Butt. After tea we went to prayers on the other side.


The men were along early. There was still ice in lower harbour so we came around the island and across the run. Saw Mr. Lyver who came with me across the neck. The men put me across to Waldron’s Cove where I said goodbye to Mr. Secicier and Mr. ????? I came to Fortune Harbour where I had a rest at Mr. Hamilton’s. Had some tea there and a game of draughts and started for home. I overtook C and H Moores who helped me with my parcels. They told me all about the revival. I was glad to be home after such a long absence since Saturday the 4th during which time I have written 22 examinations. It was a hard walk from Exploits in the snow and the slush and I was tired enough. I was soon busy working with two weeks mail to catch up on. But I could not do very much.

MAY 17, 1907 FRIDAY

I was busy all day in my study. I was expecting the Clyde so could not leave home to go very far as my plans were to go to Leading Tickles for Missionary Meetings with Bro. Maddock. Clyde did not come. I went to prayers at night and had a nice time although some of the people who did not know I was home were over at the barracks.


We heard the steamer blow in Fortune Harbour. I got up and shaved and had breakfast and went to the wharf and joined Mr. Maddock on the Clyde. I got my mail before we left. In Leading Tickles we called at Mrs. Alcock’s and Mrs. ? Young. Mr. Butcher put us up in punt to Mr. Lanning’s. We had some tea there and a long chat. Then we went on to Rowsell’s Island. The People there were very pleased to have us. I did some visiting on Burnt Island. I enjoyed meeting the people in their homes again. We had a splendid Missionary Meeting the results were $30.00 compared with $21.85 for last year. Everybody happy.

MAY 19, 1907 SUNDAY

I rose at 6:30 and had breakfast.. I came back to New Bay and arrived at 10:30. Arthur Rowsell and John Foster came with me. I went to church and preached from “Give us this Day our Daily Bread”. In the afternoon I took the Sunday School as Miss E. Was too ill to go. In the evening I preached from “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net”.

May 20, 1907 SUNDAY

I rose at 6:30 and had breakfast. I came back to New Bay and arrived at !0:30. Arthur Rowsell and John Foster came with me. I went to church and preached from ‘ Give us this Day our Daily Bread. In the afternoon I took the Sunday School as Miss E was too ill to go. In the evening I preached from ‘ The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net.

MAY 20, 1907 MONDAY

I went out and got Lewis and Willis, ie Lewis Spencer and Willis Whitehorn, to go to North West Arm. They took a skiff and Mrs. Peter Moores and Miss Ernestine Moores went also. We left after dinner and arrived at 5:30. Bro. Maddock was there and we made preparations for Missionary Meeting and had a nice time and a really good collection of $22.00. A good increase.

MAY 21, 1907 TUESDAY

Rose at 11 o ‘ clock and was busy settling the different financial affairs of previous meeting. Bro. Maddock came up and I went down to Mrs. Moores to take tea with him and them. We went up to hold our Missionary Meeting but there were not many there as the weather was very miserable with rain and heavy fog. Miss E did well and Miss V did well also in her readings. Came home and found a storm brewing and we had only about four dollars from the meeting. I was very much hurt by words which I believe to have been spoken in haste. I went to bed more miserable than the weather. The work is so hard. I felt I would like to die but hoped to be better in a day or two. (I do not remember this incident but the people were constantly in conflict and of course some from each side would blame me. Anyway the work I had done in the past month would explain my depression. I think it would.)

May 22, 1907 WEDNESDAY

Bro. Maddock came up and I found him in a fix about getting away so at breakfast time Mr. Moores and I decided to go in punt to Fleury ‘ s Bight and get some people there to take him to Exploits. This would save him the long walk from Fortune Harbour to Waldren ‘ s Cove. We got off to a good start in a calm but it came on to rain and blow and we had to shelter in New Bay Head. We got Mr. Mark Cox to come with us across the neck and so got to Fleury ‘ s Bight and there we arranged with Mr. Rice to take Mr. Maddock to Exploits in a skiff. (This Mr. Rice was Millie Rice ‘ s father, who when he was ill ate 14 eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday morning. It was a custom to eat eggs for Easter Sunday. If a thing was doing it is worth doing well!) I visited in the Bight and came back to the Head. It was blowing a gale and was very dirty but as Miss Rice was with us we had good ballast and we reached home safely. After tea I went up to the school and held a teachers meeting and then held our preaching service and used Peter 1: 6-7. It was a hard service. The building committee did not turn up so after a chat with ? and another I came home and went to bed with a miserably heavy cold and more miserably heavy heart.


Feeling ill and stayed in bed until 11 o ‘ clock. I tried to do a bit of work in the study but my cold was so very bad that I was glad when night came and I could go to bed.

MAY 24, 1907 FRIDAY

I was too ill to go to South East Arm but made some visits down along. After tea I went up to prayers and had a very good time. The steamer came in today and brought the mail.


Norman Sanger came down and we started for South West Arm. We had plenty of wind and were two hours from tickle to rocks. Found folks alright. Went to Mr. Hutchcroft ‘ s and got an order for $7.50 to send to London. Went home to Mr. Baggs and was busy all the time.

MAY 26, 1907 SUNDAY

A very stormy, wet and blusterous day. Only four could come to the morning service. The afternoon was better and night the weather was better still. Had a nice time – preached from ‘ Ye Must be Born Again ‘ . I met the men for a church talk but not many understood us so there were not many stayed so that we adjourned until Monday night.

MAY 27, 1907 MONDAY

Visiting all day. Married Sam Warford to Martha Stuckless. At night we held a meeting and decided to build a new church. Work to start at once. (It seems rather a short note for such an important resolution but it all I have. Perhaps I may say that the work went forward).

MAY 28, 1907 TUESDAY

I went to the South Arm and visited all the homes in Budgell ‘ s Point and Bobby ‘ s Cove. I preached at night. I baptized a baby. After a bit of supper went to visit Mrs. Rolf and went to bed.


Up at 6 o ‘ clock, had breakfast, went to Budgell and had my fee. Took punt withStanley Rolf and three hours later was in Cottrell ‘ s Cove. It was cold coming down but we had to row hard so it was not so bad. Had some lunch and in the afternoon was busy with my work. I went up to the school for prayers but no one knew I was home. We had a practice and I came home and retired about 12 o ‘ clock.


I stayed in bed until late to rest up. In the afternoon I was busy with circuit work and was busy until late.

MAY 31, 1907 FRIDAY

Up early and busy all day getting affairs together. I went up to prayer meeting and there was a good congregation and we had a good meeting. We heard the Clyde blow in Fortune Harbour.


The Clyde came in at 5 o ‘ clock a.m. Mr. Moores brought my mail up. I received my reports of examinations from Rev. Mr. Dunn. Wesley ‘ s Sermons 65, New Testament 80, English Literature 65. (This is all I received on my matriculation exams from the examiners, although when the District Meeting was held I was informed that I had passed in all subjects including Greek in which I had made first class 75 mark. I also received a letter from Rev. Fred Matthews who examined the Greek papers). There was also a letter from Rev. J.K. Curtis, B.A. who gave me 70 on Old Testament History and 90 on New Testament History. I am very pleased to read these letters and I am thankful to my Heavenly Father. I received a letter from Mother and one from Dora. Both were good. I was busy with my work all day with circuit reports. There were several people to see me in the afternoon. Did some preparation for sermons Sunday. Received several donations for Missions. Correspondence Rev. Mr. Dunn, Rev. Curtis. Told Mr. Dunn about Mr. Budgell in hospital. Paid Mr. Dalton, Mr. Waterman, Nehemiah.


A very nice day. I went to church and preached from ? I had a very good time. In the afternoon I went to Sunday School but felt so ill on the road that I had to rest. I went home to tea. There was some talk of the steamer. We had a splendid service and Garland was saved.


Up at 6 o ‘ clock. Working all day. Sold three coats and vests, shirt and tie $15.00 (I presume this was ladies aid business). I saw Garland and had a chat with him and gave him an ‘ On Trial ‘ ticket. I saw Mr. Norman and had a nice chat with him. For tea I had a tin of lobster which was a treat. Went to church and preached from Mark 2.5.


I was up late and worked in study until dinner time. After dinner I went visiting. I saw Miss E and had a private chat with her. I hope God will make her trouble clear. I enjoyed a sense of confidence. I cannot understand why she will not take communion. I had tea there. We went direct to practice and had a nice time. I hope we shall have a successful time for anniversary. I had a talk with Bessie Whitehornand she decided to join the church. I went to bed and began preparation for next Sunday ‘ s sermon.


The ice is coming into Cottrell ‘ s Cove quickly. I have never seen anything like it before. Hedley Britt was jammed in the ice. The boys all went off on the ice and released the ship and got it safely into Boones Cove. It is strange to think of ice in June but there is plenty of it in the woods and in the gardens. I did some clearing up and made some preparation to go the District Meeting. I had to go to the church for a wedding. I came home for tea and had some trout. Went to preaching service this evening and used ? Miss Vatcher was in and stayed for supper. I got upstairs to bed at 12:15.


I had some seal meat for breakfast and Norman, Jack and Sidney went with me to go to Exploits. We walked across the neck to Fortune Harbour and went across the harbour and on to Waldron ‘ s Cove. When we got there we found such a sea that the men would not let us have a boat, because no boat could live in such a sea. We went on to the next cove and there the men (whom I had met in the lumbercamps) gave us a boat but we could not launch it. Although we made several attempts, we came back to Waldren ‘ s Cove and talked the men into letting us have a boat. None of the men there would venture out and would not let us have it until the three men who were with me said they would all go with me. The women stood on the beach wringing their hands and kept saying ‘ They will be drowned ‘ . Finally we launched out and as the sea rolled in we climbed up and up and up until we could see the whole world. Then as the sea rolled under us we went down and down and down and down until we expected to strike bottom and all around us was the water. We could see nothing excepting the rolling, seething, hissing water before us. Behind us and on both sides. Then we could start to climb again and we would go up and up and up. Then we could see all the world again and the men and women on the shore. It was most difficult to row the boat and we were not able to make much headway but we kept rowing all we could. After awhile I suggested that a little bit of sail might help us and we put up the foresail. Without the spread so that we had a shoulder of mutton spread. It helped us a little and by this time we were out of the cove and into the run. We headed up the run as we could not penetrate the ice in Sargent ‘ s Cove. As we went up the run the rollers were not so high but there was a lot of running and we had quite a struggle. We had to keep two men rowing and two warding off the ice with boat hooks. At times we all got out and hauled the boat over the ice. One had to keep continual watch so that we might take advantage of any open water. We finally got through and gave a mighty whoop. All this time the only food we had was from six small biscuits which I had in my bag. We had one and a half each. We finally rounded the head and came in to the calm waters of the harbour which is formed by two islands which come almost together at each end of the harbour – but open up probably half a mile or more. The water is not deep enough for the Portia to come in so she has to anchor off the back harbour but the Clyde can come in and anchor. The Portia is 999 tons and Clyde about 300 tons. We landed Norman on the other side and came across to the doctor ‘ s home where I had tea. After tea I went on to the parsonage. Mrs. Maddock and baby Clair was pleased to see me. When Bro. Maddock came in he too was pleased to see me. After tea we went to Epworth League where we had a good meeting. I found some mail waiting for me and found some letters from England. That was good. Went to bed glad to be safe thinking of someone in England. (We had heard that the people heard the Portia blow. That was incredible. We found out that our whooping it up when we got through the ice occurred at the time they thought the Portia blew. So that was that!)


I got up at 8:30 and had breakfast. Went to the study for some reading and attended to my correspondence. I had a very comfortable day. I went aboard the steamer and saw Mr. Freeman (He was the mail clerk). I attended the prayer meeting and gave a brief address. District work, oh dear!


Preparing for District examinations. Read Discipline. Studying my trial sermon and also one for tomorrow morning. I went up to the doctor ‘ s and had a chat. Came home and went to bed early at 9:30. I was tired after the exertions of the week. We had fresh fish today. I felt lonely and was thinking of England.


Up in good time. Spent some time on sermon. Had a good time. Bro. Maddock appeared very pleased with the sermon. Good collection. We had chicken for dinner. In the afternoon the children did well and we had a good time. I went to the doctor ‘ s for tea ( Dr. Overton). Expecting steamer but she did not come. At night I read the lesson. Bro. Maddock preached a sermon he had prepared for District. Dr. & Mrs. Overton and Mr. J. Manuel were in quite a time and it was a very pleasant evening. No sight of the steamer. We went to bed to prepare for the trip tomorrow.

JUNE 10, 1907 MONDAY

I was busy all morning making out reports for the District Meeting. We waited anxiously for the Clyde to come from the north. The doctor brought us some macaroni and cheese at dinner time. We had it for tea. In the afternoon we were engaged with Sunday School schedules and other business for District. After tea Mr. & Mrs. Maddock went for a walk. I went to post some photos and heard that the Clyde was on her way south. I went with all speed to catch Bro. Maddock and soon had them back home and we made hasty preparation for District. At 11 o ‘ clock Mr. Matthews & Mr. Coppen came ashore. We had some supper and a talk. I thought Bro. Coppen to be a funny fellow. To me Bro. Matthews seemed to be a man of stern quality, loud of voice but a man of value. We had to walk around the harbour and were soon aboard the Clyde.


At about midnight we came aboard the Clyde and went for my mail right away. Received coat from St. John ‘ s, letters from mother, Dora, K, and Bro. Bishop. I met Bro. Mumford. We had a great time in the saloon. I went to bed in the same room with him but we had no sleep. We met brethren Leach, Parnaby, Dickinson, Wilson, Dotcher, Webber. We arrived Moreton ‘ s Harbour and I went ashore to see the folk who might have come to meet the girls (the Brett family). There I met Bro. Chancey again. He and Mrs. Chancey had been on the train last year when I came from St. John ‘ s to Lewisporte. We reached Twillingate at about 6 o ‘ clock am. There was no one to meet me. We went into Mr. Ashdown ‘ s store. Presently we were taken in a carriage to the North Side because the steamer could not get through the ice to the government wharf. Bro. Curtis and Bro. Line received us well and we were soon busy. I was sent to stay with Mrs. Edward Stuckless while Bro. Mumford (Munfort?) was billeted just at hand. I am very glad we are near each other. I had breakfast and a nap and off to Ministerial session. I enjoyed the meeting until the candidates were asked to retire – which we did with pleasure. After dinner the candidates were examined per discipline. After the examinations, which was very thorough, we were informed that we were all passed and were accepted as candidates for the ministry. I was informed that on account of the work that I had done, it was recommended that I should be given credit for the year that I had done. Bro. Parnaby was told that he would have to go to do some supplementary papers in Greek in September. We were all excused except Bro. Parnaby who had to remain and I suppose was censured for his behaviour. Bro. Mumford and I were informed that we had passed in all subjects. The two youngest men in the district and by God ‘ s help have done the most. After tea we went to the south side. Brethren Matthews, Maddock and Coppin all addressed the meeting. I was organist. After the meeting I met Bro. Bagaery. I came to Mrs. Stuckless ‘ dead tired and went to bed tired out. I am very glad this year ‘ s work is done. I wrote to Dora during the day to tell her the news.


Met Bro. Maddock and at once set about Circuit Schedules. Throughout the day the usual business was gone through and it was received that the Ministerial Session should be discontinued so as to give the young men the opportunity to preach at 9 am instead of 7 am. I have an idea that with so many young men, candidates whom the ministers were compelled to hear preach in order to pass on their proficiency – the thought of getting to church every morning at 7 am was too much for them. At night the service was held in the church on the North Side. It was the Educational Meeting. Rev. W.J. Mumford gave an address on ‘ Education from a ministers standpoint ‘ . Rev. W.H. Webber spoke on the ‘ The Imperative Necessity of Theological and Psychological Instruction ‘ . Rev. F.R. Matthews took for his subject ‘ College, a Paying Investment ‘ . Mumford did himself great credit and the meeting was a good one.


We all went to church at 9 o ‘ clock to hear Rev. F. Dickenson preach. His subject was good and we had a good time. We settled down to work immediately at the close of preaching service. We did the missionary schedules throughout the day. Rev. Sydey and Dycer came to see me as he was supposed to preach tomorrow morning but needs more time to prepare. So I offered to take his place and turn He was very pleased with the arrangement. We were invited to the parsonage on the south side for tea. The minister – Rev. J.K. Curtis requested me to preside again at the organ. Rev. A.S. Adams did not attend the meeting but the Rev. F.J. Hayden spoke on ‘ Should a Minister expect Remuneration and What ‘ . Rev. W.J. Morris spoke on ‘ Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn ‘ . We had a very good congregation. The chairman made some remarks. After the service I went home with several of the brothers who were going my way. Some of the young men went to the ???.

JUNE 14, 1907 FRIDAY

Trial Sermon Day. At 9 am I was in the church ready to commence the service but no one else was there. After a time the chairman arrived and I asked him if I should begin. He replied ‘ Wait a bit ‘ . At 9:20 I commenced the service and preached from Hebrews 12: 1-2 and had a fairly good time. Received congratulations and thanks from the chairman and from Bro. Maddock, Bro Scott and others. The business of the day was gone through. I accepted an invitation from Mr. Scott to go to his home with Bro. Maddock for tea and enjoyed a few minutes with their piano. Then we went to church for our Temperance Meeting. I went with Mr. Hayden. Rev. J. Leach spoke well on ‘ What our Attitude ought to be towards Intemperance ‘ . Rev. H.J. Coppin spoke on ‘ The Impossibility of the Continuation of the Liquor Traffic ‘ . The Rev. S.A. Chancey spoke on ‘ The Increased Affirmation of Total Prohibition ‘ . It was a good meeting. Coppin got hot and loud. Went and had supper with Mr. Scott and then home to my quarters.

JUNE 16, 1907 SUNDAY

This has been a day of much sorrow. I was on my way to church where I was to play the organ for the Love Feast at the request of the minister. On my way I had to pass by Scott ‘ s wharf and Hayden called me in to say that Bro. Maddock ‘ s baby Clair was dead. Such news was a terrible blow for only on Monday we were congratulating ourselves on the health of baby Clair. When I saw Bro. Maddock he was very much upset. I could only say God bless you. This seemed to me out of place but I could do no more. I wish I could have gone with him but I could not. I will go to Exploits and not return to New Bay on Wednesday. Bro. Choppin preached well from Rom 1:21. I went home to dinner, then to the school. Bro. Windsor was well received. I was delighted with my reception and with the thanks voted to me and the request to send to Baba. Had a time chatting then went to tea, back to prayers. Bro. Sydey was preaching from St. Luke ‘ s version of the Dying Thief. Then the sacrament service at which 86 people took the elements. Most of the ministers went to Mr. Scott ‘ s house where we had some singing. (I think I remember this Mr. Scott as a magistrate with a round bearded face). Home to supper and to bed, tired but after a good day spent under a cloud. God bless Bro and Sister Maddock.

JUNE 17, 1907 MONDAY

Today we were at church as usual. Bro. Windsor preached and at the previous remarks of our esteemed brethren some of the juniors felt a little sore. Sunday School work. I voted to be passed over to some young men. Two of them were appointed to do that work and I was able to finish my own circuit and Missionary money. I received from Mr. Sydey $23.63 of which $5.00 was for myself – Missionary Fund which I refunded to the Chairman of the District. Wedding BellsThomas Warford had followed me from New Bay and wanted me to marry him. The schooner was in the harbour waiting to go to Labrador. I spoke to Rev. Curtis and asked him to marry them but he told me to do it for them. I told them I would marry them in a home but they came to the church. I would not marry them there in front of all the candidates, so we all marched through the town to the house of Mr. Bridger and made them happy. The young men had a discussion which I was not able to attend. Bro. Mumford received an invitation to Twillingate. Bro. Line was to got to college. Congratulations to Bro. Mumford. I was preaching for the concert.


Today the District Meetings ended and we were all glad. We felt that glad that so much goodwill and good feeling has been with us all through the week. We had orders to be present with the choir to be photographed in the afternoon and this order was obeyed. We then retreated to Mr. Scott ‘ s lawn to enjoy a nice tea and splendid company. The weather was very good and obliging. The Chairman began the games. We had our photos taken with Dr. Grenfell. I went aboard the Harmony and Dr. Grenfell examined my side and presented certain exercises. We went to the concert and had a good time. I recited the Three Parsons and it was well received. Dr. Grenfell complimented me by reference. After the meeting I had a talk with Bro. Hayden who is going to England. I gave him a note for Dora and mother ‘ s address. We had a cup of cocoa and went home to bed. My last night in Twillingate.


Awakened by Clyde and hastily dressed and prepared for the boat understanding she was to come to Mr. Ashdown ‘ s wharf. We had lots of time to spare. Helped Mrs. Curtis with the babies. I brought some oranges. We had a nice time for a while, then it started to blow hard and it got cold and I got seasick. After passing Tizzard ‘ s Harbour I was better and when we came into Moreton ‘ s Harbour I went ashore and had a talk with Mr. Britt until the dinner bell sounded and I went in. An army officer kindly offered me his place which I was glad to accept in order to have dinner before we reached Exploits. Mike was there is meet me and I was soon installed in Mrs. Eli ‘ s home. The doctor met me on the road. I went down to the school examination room where I was introduced to Miss Frost. This is Monty ‘ s birthday. (I believe that Monty was one of the doctor ‘ s boys.) I attended to tea and at about 10 o ‘ clock I went home to bed quite tired.


Being very tired and not being called by the folks downstairs I was in bed until 11 o ‘ clock. Mrs. Manuel was very kind but I was subjected to the sharp shooting of the young ladies, but this I did not mind, being prepared for this assault by my long rest. In the afternoon I went out for a walk. After tea Miss Manuel and Miss Hickman accompanied me to the other side, in boat, where I had to address the Epworth League Literacy Meeting. This I did at the request of the President Mr. Jim Manuel and to his apparent satisfaction. After the meeting we came home giving Mrs. Manuel a passage with us. When we reached home we had some supper, a chat, prayers and then to bed. I was reading The Little Minister.

JUNE 21, 1907 FRIDAY

Today I have written to my mother and father and was reading most of the morning. After dinner the doctor came for me and we went out to the fishing grounds and had a nice time but did not fish. We soon became tired and cold. The doctor did some fishing with silver hooks with which he caught some lobsters and with these we returned early much to the pleasure of Mrs. Overton. Leaving the doctors I went and conducted the prayer meeting where we had quite a nice time. A lot of young people were there. After the prayer meeting they had a teacher ‘ s meeting to which I did not stop, but went home alone. After the usual talk and cup of tea I went upstairs to do some reading and then to bed. Today is mother ‘ s birthday and father and mother ‘ s Wedding Day. I met Bro. Hann on the wharf.


Have had a very happy day. I was up at 8:30 and had breakfast, then I was busy with my reading and writing some letters. Then with my book and with Meta we went to find and pick some violets. These delighted me. During the evening I went to have my photo taken but the doctor was away in punt so I went down to the wharf and caught some flat fish – funny creatures. I came home to tea and found Miss Frost and Miss Manuel were there. We had some music and then went for a row over to the church to practice. Miss Hickman was frightened. I posted some letters and came home. After a few games I retired as I was tired. Thinking of tomorrow and a great deal about home.

JUNE 23, 1907 SUNDAY

This morning there was a good congregation. I used Hebrews 12: 1-2 and had a fairly good time. After dinner I thought it better not to go to Sunday School so went to see old Mrs. Manuel instead. This dear old soul was so glad to see me that I felt very glad that I made the visit. Mr. Jim Manuel made arrangements with Mr. Harry Rowsell of Leading Tickles for me to go with him to New Bay Head. I preached at night from Matthew 8:24 to a large congregation. I had been expecting Bro. Hann but he did not return from New Bay. After the service we had a prayer meeting as usual then went with Jim and doctor and Tom for a stroll. Then we had a nice supper and then went aboard the schooner. We left at 11:30 and soon after midnight we weighed anchor and were away. (The schooner guess it is Mr. Harry Rowsell ‘ s and is named The Rescue)

JUNE 24, 1907 MONDAY

Aboard the Rescue Last night we weighed anchor after taking water aboard and were soon out of the harbour and beating our way down the run. We ran in top ice of Northern Harbour but after rounding the head we had no trouble. We came to New Bay Head and the skipper made a splendid cup of tea and I went ashore at the head at 4:45. About 5:30 Mr. Cox left to come up to Mrs. Moores with me. We found Mr. Moores just getting up. I went up to my room and found Mr. Hann in my bed. I had a very busy day as there were many things to be done to pick up the work left while I had been away. Mr. Hann had a bicycle and he was good enough to let me use it and I had a lovely time. We had some music which he enjoyed. As I had no sleep last night I was tired and ready for bed at 9 o ‘ clock. I did a lot of thinking about home and friends.


I felt very tired and so stayed in bed until late. After dinner I did some reading as it was too wet to visit. I read That Brilliant Peggy. Miss E. was up and after tea she and Bro. Hann and I went up to practice to prepare for Sunday School. We met Miss Barbara coming down who said no one was there so we turned around and came home. Nothing of notice occurred today. After some supper and prayers we went to bed and Bro. Hann and I had a long, long chat.


We have had a very pleasant day. Went for a bike ride and quite enjoyed it. In the afternoon we went to the church both on the machine and this to the amusement and amazement of the people who saw us. We went jigging and caught a few cod. After tea I went up to the church on the bike but there was no one there. I came home and made the trip in 17 minutes. I did some reading. We went down to Mrs. John ‘ s where we stayed awhile, then, being tired, we came and retired.


Up and had fish and broose (brewis) for breakfast. Went for a ride on the bike. I rode on the step. Went to say goodbye to the crew of the Amelia and saw all the men aboard. Each of us, Mr. Moore, Mr. Hann and myself had an individual glass, one tumbler, a glass dish and a glass dish (?) In the afternoon I went to visit Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Whitehorn and then home to Mrs. J ‘ s to practice. We took Mr. Budgell ‘ s skiff and had quite a crew. When we got home we had a good supper and was talking until 12:30, then went to bed.

JUNE 28, 1907 FRIDAY

Took bike and walked up with Miss Vatcher to Mr. Yates then rode. I left the bike at Mr. Manuels and went to see Mrs. Noah Manuel and came back to find the bike punctured. I walked to Fortune Harbour road and went into the school to mend the puncture. It split again and I had to walk home. After dinner I repaired the bike again. The mail came but I had only a few letters. Some of these I answered. I went up to the school to practice some singing for the anniversary and had a good time and came home tired.


We were up in good time. Bro. Hann found the bike flat so we repaired it and went for a spin and punctured it again, and mended it again. I rode it up to Mr. Manuels and then went to the school and arranged the platform. Frank Churchill helped me do this work. We then took out the stove. I went to Mr. Manuel ‘ s and got some crabs which I gave to Mrs. Manuel to cook for me. I went home to tea and came back for a practice but only a few children were present. We came home and I ate crabs for supper. Did the Sunday School reports with Miss Prudence and then some study and then to bed.

JUNE 30, 1907 SUNDAY

I was up in good time and was expecting Bro. Hann to preach but we thought the steamer was near by and so I had to preach and I did not have a very good time either. The steamer came in and we saw Mr. Hann off. I walked down the road with Mr. Pearce. In the afternoon we had a very nice time with the children who were very good in their singing and recitations. At night we went up in punt. The singing was splendid. I preached from Rev. 22:14 and had a good time. Collection was nearly $3.00. We came home in punt and I did some reading. It has been awfully hot during the day and is now too hot to sleep. This brings my year to an end. My first year was a busy one. I have done a lot of traveling. We have now two or three girls who can play the organ. We have two churches underway. I was successful in all my 22 examinations and my year was allowed so now I am a Probationer not a candidate. Thank you for all His mercies.


This morning before I was downstairs, I heard some of the North West Arm friends downstairs. Took breakfast with them. Miss Osmond and Mr. F. Moores. Decided immediately to go home with them. Put Miss C. down to Mr. Spencer ‘ s in boat and was back by dinner time. Took departure directly after, went to Boone ‘ s Point and had a fine time across the bay, soon we had to pull for it coming up the bay. Had some fun in the boat. Headwind landed, found Pidgeon ‘ s next and got some winkle then on again. Fetched over and reached Mrs. Moores after which we left. Mr. Moores and came on to Mrs. Osmond ‘ s. Had a nice chat. Heat very oppressive. Mosquitoes really dreadful. Went to bed after setting straight my affairs. Thoughts of home.


Today has been a very full day. I was waiting orders to get up. Came down to breakfast and then went trouting – not a good time but caught six or seven. Then had a time at the wharf thoroughly enjoyed it as also I did the salmon for dinner. After which I went in search of a place to bath. Found a place at the back of an island, had a good bath, tying myself to the jigger – water cold. Went to visit the people and found them ??? capelin skull, came up to tea and tasted a few capelin myself. Got ready for prayers and went down, walked as far as Mrs. Moores then back. Used ???, had a nice time. Came up with Mr. Moores and found plenty of capelin – could cast away at them. Launched boat, I fell in. Supper and settled up with Miss Osmond. Made arrangements for Leading Tickles. Must go to bed. 11:10 p.m.


Rose this morning at about 6 a.m. I had breakfast, was down to the schooner in good time. I steered her into the eastern tickle. From there I went to Rowsell ‘ s Island called at Mr. Andrews ‘ and Loveman ‘ s. Surprised the folk at the Island and had dinner. Then went down to Burnt Island and had a sail – my first sail by myself. After tea, preaching service, after service supper, then for a row down to the schooner. Put Miss Osmond aboard then went home – had a nice time but very tired. Had some lobster, shingling house with felt, made arrangements to go with Skipper Noah to New Bay Head in the morning. Saw Miss Milley promised some books, to bed at 2 a.m.


Up at 8 am and had breakfast and went to Burnt Island to get aboard the schooner. Had to call at Mr. Ward ‘ s so came through eastern tickle. Had to beat but had a good time across the bay ‘ – landed at New Bay Head and was put up by Mr. Mark Cox? – had dinner and was reading, went with Mr. Moores to Mrs. Boone ‘ s because there was a row. Came home and had tea, then was reading. Went to bed and because it was warm was reading until 12 am. Finished in the Golden Days and quite enjoyed it ‘ was lonely and thinking much about home. I would like to be there for a time.


Up at 8 am, had breakfast and then went jigging. Caught seven. Came home and then went below to see Miss Vatcher – had dinner waiting for the Clyde – got papers and letters ready for Northern Mail. Intended to go to South East Arm but not able to do so because steamer was late. In the afternoon Miss Moore brought me up a nice present – – a lovely writing desk which is very acceptable and will do doubt prove very useful. I am using it now.


Up in only decent time. Dr. (?) busy. Had a visit from Miss V. Received $ balance due for school fees. Dr. absolutely refused to let me study so we spent the time reading and then writing some letters. In the evening we went out jigging and caught a few. At night as we were returning from Cottrell ‘ s Cove, Mr. Hobbs called Dr. to see his wife. Mr. Manuel gave me some salmon and after tea I slipped off ‘ for a bit of reading and studying. At night we were talking until very late and it was morning before we slept. Dr. found a grey hair in my head, this was quite a surprise. Visited Mrs. J. Moores to arrange to lodge there.


Today has been a bustle yet one of gladness. I rose at usual time, had breakfast and prepared for church. Used Matthew 11:11. Came home and after having dinner prepared valise to go to Exploits with Dr. while doing this Clyde came in sight and we had to hurry. Dr. went for punt but it was gone. I did a real scramble over the cliffs and then found the Dr. had gone to search for me, finally met him at the house. We started, he for the Clyde,, I for my valise. Saw Willis, got passage and was soon aboard SS Clyde. Miss Vatcher was on board too. Also a lady from Tilt Cove. Arrived in time to hear Billy, to eat some tea, to wash and hurry to preach. Used Rev. 22:14. Had supper with Dr. (Assume Dr. is Dr. Overton). Came home with Mr. Manuel, had a chat, met Mr. Reader, prayers and then to bed. Comfortable.


Before I was up Dr. came for me. I was stiff from my fall yesterday when I fell on the rocks marking my hip, knee and ankle. Went to dinner with him and had photo taken, went to the other side and bought a new pair of boots after which came home and had tea after which I went to Dr. and saw the photos developed, these came out fairly well. Had an enjoyable time and after supper Dr. saw me home. When I reached home I received an invitation to go to Mrs. Manuel ‘ s tomorrow and accepted the invite. Letter and order for $4.20 from Bro. Mumford.


After rising and partaking of my breakfast, I proceeded to visit Dr. Overton at his home where I was much interested in the printing of photos. After which I came home to dinner then dressed and got ready to have another photo taken. I took a photo of the children on the hill. Wrote to Rev. C.H. Kelley enclosing $7.45. Also wrote to Herbert enclosing $20.00 to pay Mr. Diapin(?) his bill – balance for insurance. Went across harbour to tea – met Mr. & Mrs. Manuel, also a Mr. Taylor and Mr. ?? , travelers from Halifax, had a very pleasant time and with the children enjoyed ice cream. Called in Mrs. E. Manuel ‘ s. Had a game and then reached home where I had supper, then prayers and retired.


The Clyde came in and Miss Osmond came ashore to see me. We had breakfast and then went to the church and afterwards to the Clyde. Met Miss Osmond ‘ s sister, Mrs. ?? of Lewisporte and after she left went to do some reading. Not feeling very well. Had a time with the Dr. after which I went home and went to sleep. Woke up just in time for the party to which I was invited. Waited for Mr. Manuel and took ourselves off to Mrs. E. Manuels, had a nice time and had games singing and at the close came home and soon retired.


Today has been a very pleasant day. In the morning I took breakfast by myself. I was not very well and was in bed rather late. Doctor was here and we went for a walk then home to dinner. After dinner we went to fetch the children as I had promised to take them for a row and calling for doctor and the boys we went to Broad Cove where we had a very pleasant time and as it was cloudy we had to come home, took the girls home and they were delighted. Came home to tea, sailed across with an old sail and then after tea got ready for Epworth League which I was to address. Miss Butt did very well. We had a nice time.


Up and took breakfast with Mr. Manuel. Went up to Dr. and together we went across the harbour. Had a good laugh about a sail. Went to dine with Dr. had chicken, very ancient, quite enjoyable. Taking dessert when Clyde came. Went aboard and met Miss Osmond also Rev. Sidey with whom I spent time on board. Also Mr. Fleet. We had a very nice time. Came home and had my mail, some refreshment after which I did some writing. Commenced operations towards removal.


The day has been spent reading and studying for tomorrow but most of the time has been employed in packing, cleaning up a lot of papers, burning a heap of rubbish which delighted Mrs. Moores but caused her sorrow because she could not see it burning. Not feeling in the mind to study, the day was long and wearisome and after the day ‘ s work I was sorry to retire. Although expecting Mr. Waterman he did not come. The wind was blowing in and quite a breeze – this may be his reason for not coming.

JULY 14, 1907 SUNDAY

Today I rose I found the weather very disagreeable, prepared as usual for church, saw no one go up but made my way up to find no one there upon which I came home meeting Mr. P and Mr. N. Moores on my way. In the afternoon finer weather. We had a nice number at Sunday School and a good time. After tea went to service and had a very good congregation. Came home tired but enjoyed a nice chat with Mr. & Mrs. Moores. Today a huge iceberg we saw on the other side of the bay. It is beautiful to watch. It is grounded apparently. It is a big one!

JULY 15, 1907 MONDAY

Today I have been reading Wee McGregor and packing up. The iceberg mentioned proves to be moving and is coming in. The weather is still dirty and we are not able to do much. A schooner came down the bay. Suspect that Bro. Waterman was on board. Mr. Earle came for me to come up and I went with him to the government wharf and Mrs. Shirran was there so that I gave her my passage and then stayed and did some reading. Came home and finished my book and went on with my packing and after a day capelin in. Plenty of fish today. I went to trap but too rough to haul it up.


Today the change has been made. I finished my packing so far and after tea Mr. Moore took my trunks down for me. I carried several things down and established myself in my lodgings after tea. Some fun of course was made at Mrs. P ‘ s but the room was naked without me. The wind blowing and quite a big sea on today. Not out much because have been too busy packing. Began to read Janice Meredith, a very nice story.


Today I was not up long before breakfast after which I attempted to make a balance sheet of the year ‘ s income and expenditure. Found things not so bad. Was very busy all day reading and writing. Jessie Churchill wants me to give her lessons as does Mary Moores and Nettie Moores. Will do what I can for them. I shall be pleased if they all get on. Have given them something to learn. A message asking me to baptize baby Boone. Promised to go tomorrow. Out jigging and lost my jigger. Visited Mrs. Moore and brought down some things. Had a sing and then went upstairs to read 2 miles.


Reading all this morning. After dinner took punt and went to South East Arm. Visited homes and baptized Arthur William Boone. Tried to hire a punt but could not. Had a good trip. Came home to tea and had a time (?) and some reading – not much done today excepting going around. Finished Janice Meredith.

JULY 19, 1907 FRIDAY

Today has been a very happy day. I was indoors until Clyde came – – then went up in punt to the wharf and saw two miners and came home and went for my mail. D in L (?) A letter from Mrs. Betteridge about Babs. So glad, it was a real treat. I answered some letters and thus the day passed busily enough and during the odd moments I was reading Cyril the Foundling. 6 miles


Today has been one of reading and study. Mr. Moores brought me a new trunk and I spent a lot of time getting books down and fixing things up a bit. Preparing for tomorrow – had some music. At night we saw a lovely sight – – the Portia coming around New Bay Head, flashed her lights upon the iceberg. It was lovely, grand, beautiful and gave us great pleasure to watch. Posted letters to Mrs. Betteridge and Miss (R. Rume last week) and retired to get some sleep ready for tomorrow. Finding it exceeding hard to study sermons all the day I had to give it up.

JULY 21, 1907 SUNDAY

Rose in good time and set off for church. Went up the inside road and had a nice walk. Reached church, only one there but others soon came. We had a nice time and good class. After dinner took Mr. Budgell ‘ s punt and went to school. Had a nice session and went back in punt. Came up in punt to evening service and had a splendid time. We came home in punt. Ezra had tea with us and Mr. P. Moores, he and I went for a stroll. Had said goodbye to Mrs. Moores. The steamer left the wharf before we reached it. Was told Bro. Matthew was on it.

JULY 22, 1907 MONDAY

Dirty weather, not able to get out excepting in long rubbers and MacIntosh. Went up to Mr. Moores ‘ and had game of draughts. Was busy with private accounts and books. Started to read Vanity Fair and passed the day rather monotonously. Retired and was reading for a long time. 6 miles


Still dirty but busy reading and at accounts. Went to see Mrs. Moores again and brought home some boots and some papers. Went to Miss P ‘ s. music lesson also to Miss May ‘ s. Came home and had some singing. Busy all day reading but nothing more of any importance. Retired to rest and read Vary later.


Was shaving when Mrs. Clark came asking me to fetch a doctor for Mrs. White. Agreed to do so and made preparation to go to Fortune Harbour when I saw the steamer ‘ did not see the boat. Mr. Moores was in Fortune Harbour and there the Portia was not expected until tomorrow. Mr. Moores came in to dinner. I was waiting all the afternoon. After tea Misses E , N and I went out for a sail. We had a lovely time and reached home at 9 o ‘ clock. Mr. Moores was ready to greet us and astonished us by saying ‘ I would not have gone with a man ‘ . Came in and had a good read and supper then we got ready for bed and resumed my reading.


Waiting for Portia until Mrs. Moores who was going up to see Mrs. White -was informed that Mrs. White was gone to Pilley ‘ s Island and of course I at once gave up the idea of going to Exploits. Also I learned that Ms. Andrews was down from South West Arm and I had a chance up with them, so I went to see them in the shop and made arrangements to go. Left home about 2:30 p.m., was waiting until 3:34 p.m. When we set sail and had to beat all the way and did not arrive at South West Arm until 11:57 p.m. We soon reached Mr. Baggs ‘ and had a cup of tea which was good. Cold and hungry I was glad to get beside a fire and get to bed. Thinking of home. 22 miles

JULY 26, 1907 FRIDAY

Very tired. In bed until nearly dinner time. Came down and had dinner then went visiting. Went to Mr. Hutchcroft ‘ s, had a nice time and had my tea there, saw some of the men and was allowed to learn the Secret. Went to visit Mr. Walter Baggs then came home and did some reading – had supper and went to bed.


A year ago bade goodbye to Lavenham. Today am in South West Arm and it has been so stormy that I could not get out – such a rain really dreadful. Reading and preparation for tomorrow. Writing to Miss V and Bro. Waterman. Quite a contrast to a year ago. At night I had a lovely time thinking of home and loved one ………. Mrs. Stuckless.

JULY 28. 1907 SUNDAY

Up in good time this morning and went to prayers. Not many there. Used ‘ Will ye also go away. ‘ Came home to dinner and got ready for South Arm. Borrowed rubbers, very leaky. Soon had wet feet. Mosquitoes very sharp. We had a nice number to prayers. Every one in the Cove was present and we had a fairly good time. After some tea we came home and having preached in slippers too small put on my vamps and rubbers and soon had wet feet. I washed them as soon as I was in and then prepared for service and had a fairly good time. Using Acts 26:28. Came home and had some music with Mr. Walter and his wife. Then went upstairs and wrote to Dora and did some reading and went to sleep tired.

JULY 29. 1907 MONDAY

Up in good time this morning. Prepared to leave for South Arm. Was called to see Mrs. James Andrews. Went to see her and had a conversation. Saw Mr. T. Stuckless and Mr. Walker – got their fees, had a cup of tea with Mr. Hutchcroft, went to path and blowing hard. Walked over the neck, very wet feet, cold. Went up to see Mrs. Curlew and Paine. \Vent to dinner, bathed feet etc. and then after dinner visited Budgell ‘ s Point. There we were to have service but it was too late so we had a cup of tea with Mrs. John Warford and then rowed home. Did a deal of talking and then had prayers and retired to read and to bed.


Up at 6:30 and had breakfast and prepared for our journey. Had to row nearly all the way to New Bay. Left Bobby ‘ s Cove at 8 a.m. and reached home about 12:30. Had dinner, learned decision of the court and heard Spencer had won the day. Went to Mr. Moores and got northern mail. Had a nice English mail and quite enjoyed it. Had a talk with Miss E. about G and was glad to hear the result. Was writing all the afternoon. Had a busy evening, retired to bed and to read. A big sea on, more wind from north at night.


Very tired and in bed until late reading. While there finished Vanity Fair. In afternoon making up account of miles, found I have traveled over 1,500 miles. After tea went to give music lessons to Jessie, May and Nettle. Reading until about 12 p.m. then retired.


Very heavy sea, expecting Hedley Britt but he came not. The day passed in reading and writing to Sir R Bond and Ms. Blandford etc. Very busy with correspondence. Nothing of note has occurred.


Busy with reading and preparing for visitors. Went up to the Clyde in punt. Saw Brethren Pratt and Pike. Was very pleased to see them and quite enjoyed the pleasure of the meeting. Came home in punt. Opened mail coming down, had nice mail. Green and photos also photos of home. Then I met Mrs. Butt and Mr and Mrs. Fewer. After a time Bro. Maddock came along and we had a chat re education. I was well pleased with the result of the talk. I went with Mr. Fewer to Mr. Spencer ‘ s and then rowed home with the young ladies (the home Bro. Maddock and Hedley with the rest of us)?? ( This is how it appears on the copy from which this is typed. It ‘ s not quite clear?) Had a nice time and we prepared for bed, but I had a bad time. Spent part of the time on the floor much to the amusement of Bro. Maddock.


Took breakfast and set about the work for the day. Bro. Maddock busy talking over different affairs, educational etc. I was up at Miss P ‘ s quite a time.


Breakfast and away to service. Bro. Maddock used ?? Clyde came and upset us all, had to leave sermon. Sunday School in the afternoon, preaching at night from ???? Had tea with Mrs. Manuel, Hedley and Mrs. Britt at home, had a sing. Made arrangements to see Mr. Campbell in the morning.


Up in good time and went to see Mr. Campbell. Came home for valise. Went up again. Blowing a gale, tried to get out of Cottrells Cove but wind blew our shrouds away and we had to return to the wharf. Anchored off. Went aboard Hedley and had lobster for dinner. Came home to tea. Went up after tea to get my coat etc. Home to bed. Blowing a gale all day.


Not well, in bed until 1 p.m. No appetite, berries for tea very nice. Could not read or write. Unable to go to Little Bay. Wrote a note to Mr. Campbell excusing myself.


In bed until 12. Got up and had dinner but not much better. Miss E. and Mrs. Hedley went to see Mr. Peter Moore. Went to bed after eating berries. Made plan during day.


Up this morning at 9 a.m. Had breakfast and attempted to do church work but could find no report. Correspondence etc. Repeated rests during the day. Feeling better today. Took Nehemiah some books. Wesley notes on New Testament, also Wesley sermons. Not feeling well but kept busy. Continued with plans.


Up and had breakfast. Had some preparation to do. Went to mail some letters. Clyde came about 2 p.m. or just before went aboard. Freeman had my mail to meet me, very kind. Blowing hard. At Leading Tickles met Mrs. S. and Mr. M. Cox, come to bury sister. Stayed on Culls Island to funeral very late, home to tea, went to see Israel. Bed about 11 p.m. Splendid mail from England.


A year ago since I landed in St. John ‘ s. Am feeling better. Correspondence, preparation for Seal Bay. At 2:15 we got into punt to go. Headwind, then fairer, then rain, hail. Went to Mr. Campbell ‘ s but he was gone. Next to Mr. Anstey ‘ s. He was gone to Labrador. Met Mrs. Anstey and the daughters. Too late, a few prayers. Shooting, beat them all. Was tired and was glad to get to bed. Very strange -thought whistle was mill whistle.


Rose at 9 a.m. Had breakfast and preparation for service – Sued Phill 4:19. Had fairly good time. Had dinner then tried to go down but we had to come home – we went down as far as we could but had to turn back – We came back in a hurry. Did some reading. Felt very ill. Went for a walk. Had tea after having a lie down. After tea we had prayers. Had a very good time, then a chat and went to bed.


Up this morning in good time, had breakfast and started for Leading Tickles, had to row all the way – big sea but calm- Reached Leading Tickles about 1 p.m. Had dinner, went to visit Burnt Island. Had a sail back, preaching at night using I John 1:8. Had a splendid time. Heard Brethren Pike and Pratt were at New Bay so made every preparation to go home to see them. Went to bed.


Up at 5 a.m. Had breakfast and at 6 a.m. was on our way to New Bay. Had plenty of wind. Kept the shore to ??? Rocks, then got across. 2 hours 10 minutes. Wet through. Saw the two brethren and changed. Had breakfast and then Mr. Rowsell stood for his photo. \Vent and took Jacob Moores. Made arrangements to go to Exploits on Monday. Bro. Pike to go to Leading Tickles, I had to go to North West Arm. Bro. Pratt to stay at New Bay. Went and had dinner – wet enough, cleared up. Went and took Mr. Peters, Mr. Yates and Mr. Wells. Had tea over there. Came home. Feeling very ill. Had a game with Mr. Moores. Bro. Pike slept with me, awful rain and thunder and lightning. During night thunder very loud.


Had a very bad night, not feeling very well. Chronic indigestion so stayed in bed until nearly dinner time. Went down to dinner. We went to take the Sunday School and then to Mr. Peters ‘ , then to Ezra ‘ s. Had a nice view. Came home to tea. Had Bovril and wrote a letter and went to bed 1 p.m.


Rose and had breakfast. Went to Fluery ‘ s Bight. Took Mrs. Budgell and family, Miss Budgell. Dinner with Miss Spencer, home and up to PM ‘ s (Peter Moores?) Yesterday ‘ s plates not successful, then home, took home(?). Went to Mrs. Williams ‘ to tea. Busy during day. Almost bought camera. Think I will. Bro. Pratt went off early to go to bed. Bro. Pike and I stay here. A year ago we were together on the train. Wonder how things are at home and in London. I wonder.


Preparation for Clyde, received mail on to Tickle, big sea, landed at Mr. Alcock ‘ s wharf. Went up to Mr. Lanning. Each had a camera. I took SS Clyde. On to Island. Had some tea. Bro. Pike preached at night. Feeling very ill.


Very unwell but determined to go to North West Arm. Feeling better after breakfast but bad head. Went in punt to Thimble Tickles, walked across the neck, very hot, many flies, reached North West Arm, had dinner. Took two photographs, feeling better, paid Miss Osmond.


Preaching morning and afternoon. Formed class. Renewed tickets, had a good time. Coming on to rain. Walked to Thimble Tickles, so wet; wet through, had to change, found the people very kind, had beef tea, went to the Island had a good time, had a cup of cocoa, went to prayers. Bro. Pike preached, good sermon. Had supper, prayers and went to bed. Tired and ill.


At 3 a.m. was called. Got P, woke Pike up, had breakfast and went to New Bay. Started at 4:30 tempest, rain, reached Spencer ‘ s Cove about 7. Went to breakfast, had a few minutes with Mrs. Peter Moores. Glad to see her again. Started for Exploits at 10:45, had to row all the way, nearly feeling ill, very wet. Dr. met me, went straight up with WiIIis and Frank, went to the parsonage, saw Mrs. Maddock and Mrs. Bartlett, had tea with Rev. Coppin and Dyers, came home and did some developing, had prayers and went to bed to sleep.


Rose at 8:30, had breakfast, feeling very tired, had cold, went for walk. Took photos, came to dinner, tough beef mincer brought into requisition. During afternoon went to parsonage and then prepared to go to the other side to tea. Met Bro. Sidey, Mrs. Crosby and children. Spent a very nice time. Home to bed at 1 p.m.


Up and had breakfast, waiting for Clyde, came at 9. We left for Lewisporte by way of Botwoodville, reached at 6:55. Bro. Coppin preached at night. All these things against me. Had tea with Manuel, slept with Bro. Maddock.


Took valise to Mrs. Hann ‘ s. Went to church. District adjourned at 10. Dinner, back at 2 p.m., satisfactory. Meeting at night, nice time, people seem very nice and kind. Hope convention called at hotel.


Had a good night, came down to breakfast. Went for a sail then went aboard the ship. Had a nice time. Had loan of Caplain ‘ s bike, took photos of ship and men. Went to prayers in afternoon, had a splendid time. Speakers, Miss Manuel, Rev. R.S. Smith, G.E.W. Bryant, S.A. Sidey. At night we met Bro. Bryant in the chair and Rev. Sidey and Curtis. Had tea at the parsonage, good time at night.


Prepared my mail. Met Bro. Boone, went aboard ship, prepared for Campbellton. Mr. Sidey came with us. Had it very hot, nearly calm, reached Campbellton in the afternoon. Saw school with placards. Wrote to Chairman, went for a walk.


Preaching morning, afternoon and night. Had fairly good times. Playing at each service, good congregations. Tired, went to bed early.


Woke up awakened by steam whistle, had breakfast, prepared for Clyde. At 10 a.m. went aboard, prepared copy for Twillingate Sunday. Had dinner, reached Exploits about 6:30, had tea at parsonage, home to supper and bed.


Awakened by man from Sampson ‘ s Island. Went with doctor. Baby born, had to baptize it, called it Thomas. Home 7:45.Board meeting got what I needed, returned to doctor and went to bed after having supper.


Bob posted letters. Picnic, went to parsonage then to field, came home to dinner, back to field, fairly good time, broke my fountain pen.


Bro. Maddock came to see me about League. Finished ‘ The Man Who Rose Again ‘ . Went to League and then out to supper. Across the harbour during the afternoon. Bed about 12.


Had breakfast. Clyde came. Went aboard having said goodbye to the folks. Met Bro. Sidey, Mr. Moulton etc., reached home, got books from Briggs, also from Dicks. Busy during afternoon with stamps. Got some good ones from Mr. Moores. Busy reading, busy with photos.


Busy studying for tomorrow. Busy with photos. Had a fairly good day. Finished my mail and having a cold went to bed at 10.


Damp. Went to church, 5 present, no service. Went to School, had singing practice. Had tea with Mrs. P. Moores. Went to church, had a nice congregation.


Spent the morning at home. Had early dinner and went to see Mrs. Yates. Saw her at Mrs. White ‘ s. Had tea with Mrs. P. Moores. Went to church, had nice congregation.


Someone ‘ s birthday, wish her many happy returns. Hope she is happy. Busy all day indoors but committee meeting at night. Had a good time and did fairly good business. Supper, chicken. Good time. Home to bed.


Sent parcel to Leading Tickles but did not go. Clearing up and correspondence. Had a busy time getting letters ready for mail. Went to school, no practice. Mr. Manuel stamp, hair cut 11:30.


Busy all morning with church accounts. After dinner went to New Bay Head, baptized Maxwell George son of Mark COX. Met Mrs. Osmond and her son. Came home and was busy at work until late.


About home getting mail ready. Clyde came, took snaps after and Mr. Ball(?) and Donald out. Had a nice mail, really good, very busy answering letters.


Preparation for Sunday, very busy all day. Having a good time. Mailed money to Bro. Pike and Mr. Manuel took photos of goats, developed, came out fine. Work until late. Jim Budgell came for me. Expect to go to South Arm tomorrow.


Very tired, have had a hard day. Was preaching in the morning from?. Got ready for South Arm but Budgell did not come. Was ready with my valise. Opened and closed school. Still Jim did not come. Went home to tea and back to service using Matthew 9:36 and ‘ Moved with Compassion ‘ . Came home tired. Called on May and had supper.


Mr. Spencer and I rowed up to South West Arm. called at ??. Went to South Arm. Caplain gone to bury baby. Found all in a tiff but soon put things right. Went to visit all the people on the point. Preached at night using ‘ Moved with compassion ‘ . Tired, home to bed.


Up in good time, took photos and went off to South West Arm, was very busy all day. Took valise to be repaired and went to service at night, very few, used ‘ How much owest them ‘ . Went home to supper and bed.


In bed until late and then busy visiting etc. had a hard tramp and got ready for prayers. Heard the Warfords were home. Preaching at night and had a few more people. 4 miles.


Took Dan and girl and ? for South Arm. Went to mill then walked across neck, reached Budgell ‘ s Point. Preached at night, no one to take me down, had a chat and went to bed. 4 miles.


Up this morning, worried about getting home, killing sheep etc. Mr. Rolf came down in boat, had a nice time with photographs etc. Had a nice mail and developed photos. Had a cheque for salary. Went to bed 1:30. 10 miles.


Up, had breakfast. Went to Mr. Spencer ‘ s to see him about hay. Willis promised to go to North West Arm. Home to dinner, correspondence, gave orders re gooseberries. At 5:40 left wharf for North West Arm, good breeze, then moderate, reached North West arm at 8 p.m. Had a nice evening, went to bed at 11:30.


Up in good time, heard that Mr. White was home. Went to prayers. Used ‘ What time ye of Christ ‘ . Prayers in afternoon, used ‘ There be four little things ‘ . Prayers at night, used ‘ Distress, Debt, Discontented ‘ . Had a nice day. Very tired. Home and writing and to bed.


Rose this morning, had breakfast, found Mr. Martin waiting, had pleasant morning. Took Uncle Freddie and William White. Walked across neck, then Mr. Hackett was there in punt and we beat up to Leading Tickles, awfully cold. Preaching at night using?. Had fairly good time. Arthur at Seal Bay again!


Indoors all the morning writing to Mrs. Betteridge. After dinner went to see Mr. Lanning, had a nice time with him. Blowing and raining, very dirty, too rough for Burnt Island. Preaching on Rowsell ‘ s Island, used Matthew 5:20, very tired, came home and went to bed.


Blowing a gale, went to visit the people on the Island, very dirty, gale increasing until night, could scarcely get out of doors. Schooners having a bad time, could not get to Burnt Island, too dirty for prayers. Had a rest.


Woke up this morning to find Henry Rowsell ‘ s schooner a total wreck, drifted away towards Island, no help, sea mountains high, such a storm not known for years. Wind dropping and at night sea going back a little, went to visit the homes at night. Portia came along, an awfully rough time, anchored for all night in the tickle.


Men at work on wreck, calmer but dirty still, can do nothing, Arthur came back and went to Eastern Tickle with mail. Went to Burnt Island, had a nice time. Clyde did not come, prayers at night, had a good time, used ‘ Shall it Profit ‘ .


Up at 6 a.m. and prepared for New Bay. reached at 10:15. Had breakfast and bath. Clyde came, mail too. Writing letters and studying. Preparation for tomorrow. Met schooner crew.


Prayers this morning, miserable singing, fairly good time, using ISA 4:40. School in afternoon, late starting practice. Preaching at night. Had a talk to mothers and also the men, had a good time, good singing, supper at Mrs. Peter Moores.


Busy printing, had a busy day. Mr. Yates sent for doctor. Was about to develop when doctor came. Stanley Rolf cut his fingers, dressed it for him. With doctor to see Mrs. P. Moores. Reading Lilith.


Reading, finished Lilith. Doctor came and went visiting. Got a crew to take him down then went to Mr. Yates ‘ , then packed up to go, then went to Spencer ‘ s Cove to start but could not get away. Came home very tired. Doctor went to picnic. I did not. Came home and developed North West Arm pictures. Went to bed and to sleep.


Was busy all morning with photos and in afternoon was visiting Boone ‘ s Point and came home in punt. Blowing hard, came onto rain, got wet, had to change. Busy after tea.


Heard Mr. Adolphus Yates was home. Was busy in the morning. In the afternoon I went round South East Arm. Saw Mr. Yates and Mrs. Yates. Came to Boone ‘ s Point, crossed in punt to Churchill ‘ s and punt filled with water, wet, home and at work until bed time.


Busy this morning preparing for mail, Clyde came, mail good. Then busy answering and preparing for Sunday.


Busy all day. At about 12 noon saw Mr. Grimes. Had him in and prepared to meet schooner. A crowd began to gather and we had some work for a time, then the Procession came along and we had to commence. Quite a lot of people were present. After the funeral Mr. Grimes had tea with me and then the schooner went home to South West Arm.


Had a hard day today. Began service at 11:50, used ‘ The Seed is the Word ‘ . Came home to dinner, back to school and after tea to prayers. Funeral sermon using ‘ Let me Die the Death of the Righteous ‘ . Had a good time, disturbed by cat.


Tired today, reading all the time. Juha (ship) going to South West Arm for lumber tomorrow, got crew to go. Preparation at night for trip tomorrow.


Breakfast and aboard the Julia and off to South East Arm. Took in logs and then to South West Arm. Had a good time and did good work. Got clapboard and Mr. Churchill ‘ s lumber and Mr. Moores ‘ . Went ashore and then in punt to Mr. Hutchcroft ‘ s and back for valise and off to bed after I got home.


Had breakfast and went on board. Went for slabs and after loading started for Western Arm. Had plenty of wind and was soon there. Fish and potatoes cold. Saw lumber. Walked home to South West Arm. Preached at night using ??. Went to ?? to tea. Had a nice time. Home to bed.


(South West Arm) Not very well. Very wet. Blowing very hard. Impossible to go out. Awful weather. Writing home and preparing for studies etc.


Indoors till dinner time then visiting as far as Mr. Earle ‘ s, came back and went to prayers and had a fairly good time.


Busy all morning visiting up the shore. Went to Mr. Hutchcroft ‘ s, wet, could not go to Southern Arm. Was busy. Had a talk with Bro. Grimes. Went to Lodge, took the Royal Blue. Home. Settled with Mr. Baggs for lumber, received fee and balance of organ $6.50. To bed 1 a.m. Five years ago first went to Edmonton.


Went to Southern Arm. Used Isa 35:1-2. Had dinner, came back to service, used ‘ The Seed is the Word ‘ . At night used ‘ What Shall it Profit ‘ . Had a good day, came and had music and to bed 11:30.


(South Arm) Up in good time reading, then after dinner went to South Arm visiting during afternoon, preaching at night. Baptized Robert Henry, Blanche, Lily May. Went home to bed with Bro. Grimes.


(South Arm) Up and ready for New Bay. Blowing hard all day, could not get away, taking photographs. To bed at night, tired.


Started for New Bay. Came on to blow, a real gale. Had to put in at Budgell ‘ s Point. Stayed until after 12 then 1:30 started, reached New Bay at 4 p.m. Mail, tea and surprised the folks. Had a real good time developing.


Busy all day. Went to South East Arm. Preached at night. Got piece of ground from Mr. Manuel and made arrangements for the road to be made. Good business.


Expecting to meet the steamer. She was very late. Bro. Maddock, Mrs. Maddock, Misses Hickman, Hickman and Manuel came ashore. We made arrangements for beds etc. Got mail, had a chat, home to bed.


Busy all day at letters, no sermon to prepare. I feel it so strange nothing to prepare for. Went to practice at night and had a nice time. Came home and went to bed.


A nice day today. Was late for morning service. Had a nice time especially at class. At Sunday School had a good time. At night BRO. Maddock was late. We had a nice time. At the sacrament we had a nice service, great day. Came home to bed.


Busy all morning, Bro. Maddock came down to dinner. We had a pleasant afternoon. Went to see Mrs. ? and Mrs. Moores. Had a good time. Came home to tea. Had a good and pleasant time with Bro. Maddock.

October 16, 1907 WEDNESDAY

Rather a dirty morning but cleared off, moderate. Messers Nehemiah and Ezra Moores rowed us over to Leading Tickles. Landed at Mr. Hackett ‘ s. Walked through the Island. Found that Harold Lanning was dead. Reached Rowsell ‘ s Island and Bro. Maddock preached at night.


In the morning came over from Leading Tickles. Had a grand time. Came on to blow hard. Men started to go but had to put back and wait until wind dropped. Went to school. Prepared map. Bro. Maddock in to tea and spent the night until 10.


Waiting for steamer but she came not. Busy indoors in the morning. In the afternoon went up to government wharf and aboard the Trader. Prayers at night. Bro. Maddock preached. Ladies Aid met at the close, decided to order materials. Steamer came and I had quite a big mail.

October 19, 1907 SATURDAY

Quite a busy day. Had such a lot of letters to answer was kept quite busy. Very much troubled about the sermon I ‘ m preaching tomorrow night. I am distressed, can find no comfort except in my duty.


This has been to me a terrible day. One wherein the refining fire has gone through my heart and it has hurt. Bro. Maddock preached in the morning, a long 48 minutes but splendid sermon. In the afternoon after School, I went to see him. He then surprised me considerably and hurt me much by words he used. My sermon preparation stood me now in good stead and I as by the Blessing of God, able to control my language although I felt much misunderstood. He gave me a letter which I, at his advice, refrained from reading until after church. At church I conducted the service and was helped by the assurance of the presence of the Holy Spirit. I thought the meeting was a good one. It was to me. I met Bro. Maddock in Mrs. Manuel ‘ s but did not stay but came home and read my letter and I have taken it upstairs to read again. ‘ What a friend we have in Jesus, other refuge have I none ‘ .


Was awakened this morning by SS Clyde. Have spent a very troubled night. Went up to see steamer. Came home to breakfast and was busy until dinner time. I replied to Bro. Maddock ‘ s letter, then went to see the men. In the afternoon we went about the lumber but it was too dirty to do much to it. Very heavy all day but God is with me. A very present help in time of trouble. Got into my study today, shall now be able to do my work. Blowing hard, snowing etc.


Blowing a gale today, snowing, very dirty, reading all morning. Preparation for picnic, arranging study, making up accounts etc. Not feeling very well. Went to practice, not many there. Had no practice. Had to adjourn the picnic.


Busy all the morning. After dinner went visiting South East Arm. Got back in time for practice. Had a good number present. Came home tired and wet.


Very busy today. Picnic has been a success notwithstanding the dirty weather. Went up this morning to prepare church and in the afternoon went up to be with the children. Had a good time. Got some lumber up. Had games and tea in the church and meeting in the school house. Had a good time.


Went to church this morning. Got lumber in the church. Paid picnic bills. Had $2.04 to spare. This passed to the secretary. Made arrangements for Service of Song. Preparing for Leading Tickles. Clyde has not come.


No sign of Clyde. Waiting all the morning. After dinner got ready to go in skiff and Herb put us across to the Eastern Tickle. Here we saw Mr. Mark Rowsell and soon were on our way to Rowsell ‘ s Island. Arrived and introduced Miss Moore to the people. Sitting, chatting, had a nice time. Developing photos. Went to bed. Had a nice time thinking.


Preaching in the morning and used?. On Burnt Island in the afternoon and used?. At night used?. had a real hard time. Very tired, not feeling very well. Again went to bed to think and wish I was in England.


Preparation for soup supper. Visiting Cull ‘ s Island. Waiting for mail. Got back, mail came, had a good lot of letters and a pleasant evening. Soup supper a success. Raised about $7.00 and with Arthur back we had a nice time.


Up in good time. Preparation for New Bay. Mr. Rowsell and Mr. Chippett came with us. We had a good time across, plenty of wind but? not feeling well. Went up to see Mr. Dalton and also took snap shot of church. Came home and felt ill. After tea Ezra came in and we had a nice chat. Oh how I wish these young men were converted!


Feeling very poorly. Lovely morning but dull this afternoon. In study all day. Correspondence in the morning, resting in the afternoon. At night Uncle John came in. I read two chapters of John Wesley, too tired to read more. Sewing Circle met, not many were there. I was at home. Mrs. Spencer came to see me. Cold very severe in limbs, symptoms of…… Dr. Grenfel. Waiting for ladies to come home and then went to bed tired out but have done nothing. I wrote to my girl and to mother this morning. I wonder how they are.


Not at all well, cold, not up until had warmed myself with a hot plate. Came down about 12 p.m. Study nicely warm and comfortable, folks very kind, not able to do much. Hope to be better soon.


Feeling very poorly tonight. Up this morning about 11 and after dinner went visiting, went to see Mr. Pearce, he paid his fee $5.00. Went to see Mr. James Moores but could make nothing but sorrow of him. Mrs. James Moores gave me $3.00. Mrs. Pearce paid me for Greeting?. Came home very tired. Speaking to Bro. Mal. He, I think, will advance.


Not feeling so well today. Indoors all the time. Have a good deal of pain. Day very long although I was up late. Mrs. Moores came and spent the evening with me. This was very kind and a nice change. Was very tired and glad to retire.


Feeling very poorly all day but had a good day in my soul. In bed when Bro. N. came to see me. He said he prayed for me. This was kind, wrote to Sunday School. Hope it did some good. At night A. stayed home with me. We had a nice time. Trust we each shall benefit by it. Cuth and Ezra both came to see me after prayers and I was glad to see them but so tired. I was not long up after they had gone.


Today I have been indoors all day. Not at all well but better than yesterday. Had severe pain in legs and feet. Hope to be well soon. Miss Moores came in with Sunday School books at night but I was too tired to be interesting. I hope I did not appear rude. Tomorrow is A ‘ s birthday. Made up a test for him and letter. Hope he will be pleased.


How different to home life. Feeling very lonely today. Better in health than yesterday. Began my correspondence. Wonder what I shall have when Clyde comes. Hope I have one from Dora. Went up as far as Mr. P. Moores yesterday. She sent me some fruit. This was good of her. Took snapshot of house etc. Clyde came teatime. Soon had mail and was busy answering these. Sewing Circle at night. went to bed after having cup of tea. Was very cold, had to have a hot plate etc.


Have had a very poor night and not at all well. Was busy writing for a few minutes before dinner but had to take a note for Bro. Dalton. Hope to decide tonight about church lumber etc. Had a chat, came down and got ready for business. Mr. Moore and Mr. Dalton came down. We did business and I was very tired. My throat was bad. Went to bed feeling very ill.


Today has been a strange day. I did my letters and was awfully tired, then we went on with photos. I was developing in the afternoon and printing. Zigodid very well I think. Went down to Miss Moores ‘ to tea. Here a grand surprise was in store which made us all very happy but this secret for the present. I was excited, this made me worse. I came home feeling quite ill. Finished my letters and was very glad when I was in bed.


Had a bad night. Woke with my head bad and certainly with much pain. Hope soon to be better. Must not let this conquer me.


Today has been a hard day. In the morning I was clearing up etc. Busy packing up photos. Afternoon was busy preparing for tomorrow. Not very well. Did not go out today to visit. Hope I have a good time tomorrow.


Today has been a full day. I was ready for service in good time and was first there. Went to New Road with Mr. Jacob Moores. Used Genesis, came home tired and was resting during the afternoon then finished my preparation for tonight. Went to prayers, first again. Had a fairly good time. Used Matthew 18:3. A fairly good company there considering the schooners are gone. New Road beginning to be favourable in the estimation of some. Certainly I consider it much the better of the two. I am very tired, legs painful, in fact almost ill but with duty done. I wonder how the folks are at home are. Would like to see them all. Perhaps I shall sooner than they think. 11:40 p.m., must get to bed.


A year ago today I was at South West Arm. Sunday. Today I am indoors feeling very tired. Was undisturbed until 9:30. Then I had some tea in bed, after which I went on reading Life of Wesley. At 11:30 I rose, had bath and descended. Entered collection accounts, indexed circuit journal. Borrowed Acts of the Apostles and commenced to read. Then took up Wesley again. Would like to do some Greek but can ‘ t, head too bad. Tried again the Holy City. Shall print a few photos now. Mr. Rice has been to ask me to marry him tomorrow at 4 p.m. Had words of encouragement by yesterday ‘ s sermon. Thankful for this. Have been very busy, have made up balance sheet of church accounts up to June 1907. Willis and Adolphus promised to clapboard the back of the church. Have been quite busy. Am very tired and now off to bed. Expect to read somewhat before I sleep. After retiring I finished reading Wesley and his Century by Rev. W.H. Fitchett. This is a splendid book, the reading of which had done me good. I also read part of the Acts of the Apostles by George Carter.


Not feeling well today. Was reading in the morning and preparing for South East Arm to marry Dorman John Rice and Beatrice Mary Hustins. After dinner, went up and called at Mr. P. Moores and told him (gish fish?) had dropped. This is bad for him. Called at Albert Yates and Mrs. Manuels. Mrs. J. Clark sick. Presented some medicine for her. Called at Mrs. Boone ‘ s, Elijah ‘ s. Saw an apparent answer to my dream of Saturday. Mr. Boone put me across the arm. George White came in, lost a punt. We went out and picked it up. A big job, quite a dirty job. Had to wait sometime for the folks to get ready. At last performed the ceremony and then had some tea. Mr. Hustins had toothache. We were very cold in the house. Came home, had to walk right around the road. It was an awful walk but got home safely. Called at Mr. Manuel ‘ s and Mr. P. Moores ‘ . Had game, beat and then came home. Gave Mrs. Clark Essence of Cloves, mythaliote (?) spirits and two Dover pills. Very, very tired and feeling quite ill. Blowing a gale from the north west. In bed and to sleep, too tired to read.


Very tired and unwell today. Not up until late. Busy with my own affairs getting things straight. Mr. Baggs came in from South West Arm. Bro. Grimes sick in Botwoodville. Wrote to Bro. Maddock. Also to Chesley Woods. Wonder what the result will be. I am much disturbed about South West Arm and must certainly attempt to do my best for them up there. I understand that all the men are at work and so in all probability it will be a good year. Busy preparing for preaching service. I went out to prayers which is the first time today of being out. Walked up New Road and was almost first in church. Played and preached. Had a nice time. Used St. Luke 1:8, Men Ought Always to Pray. Came home alone. Called in Mr. P ‘ s then had supper. Came Home. Miss Moores sick, not seriously I think. Mr. Britt came in and we were chatting until late, then retired. Wind has been blowing hard from the south west by west.


Up last night reading ‘ The Home Ministry and Modern Missions ‘ . Lights out at 1 a.m. Went to sleep, woke up during the night. Rose at 10 a.m. feeling unwell and partook breakfast. Continued my reading and after dinner finished the book. A real helpful book, well written, instructive and interesting. A well chosen book for study. Miss Moore sick today but keeping about. Was going to New Bay Head but too much snow, cold and dirty. Indoors almost all day. Commenced to read Tales from Shakespeare. Quite enjoyed it. Went to bed tired. Freezing during night.


Expecting Clyde. Commenced to write sermons. Clyde did not come, no letters, disappointed but was busy all day. Committee meeting at night and prayer meeting previous. Had a nice time. Came home and found all the women sick in bed. Mrs. Moores having fainted in cramp. Went to bed and went on with my reading Shakespeare. Cold, snow and frost.


Today has been a busy day. Was up fairly early and got to my reading and to my sermons. Hope she will be better. Expecting the Clyde but she did not come. Have no letters from (Dora) today. Have to preach tomorrow but cannot study very well. Thanksgiving tomorrow. How am I to preach. I trust I may do someone some good. Mr. J. Moores paid his fee this year today. About fees, much may be said and is being said. I am learning to pray for these of my brethren who are saying hard things about me. Night has come. I cannot decide really upon tomorrow night.


Today has been a very busy day one in which God has blessed me. This morning he was present in our midst and as I spoke from?? I found that his word was blessed to our lives. In the afternoon we went to school, good company considering the day. Singing, practice, good collection $.55. At night was using Where Art Thou. Had a nice time. Came home, had supper at Mrs. P. Moores ‘ and had a nice time. Got my letters.


Very tired today but happy because of a good day yesterday. Was busy with my letters. Had a good mail. Mrs. Moores got ready and went off to Fleury ‘ s Bight for Moreton ‘ s Harbour. I was indoors all day and was not very well but busy. Snow upon the roads made bad walking. Took (?) with the sheep, also Dolph and myself.


Schooner went up the bay for wood. Am alone in the house and with two women, how romantic. Was going to Boone ‘ s Point but could not get a punt so I remained at home and was busy with photos and reading.


Clyde went south this morning. Busy today. Received a visit from Miss Boone re Bro. Hackett. Am sorry for this girl. Went to tea with Mr. Malachi Moores. Had a good time. Went to prayers, nice number present. Came home prepared for supper. Schooner came in. All had supper together after which we retired.


Tired tonight. Busy this morning getting ready for South West Arm but missed Willis, was very sorry but prepared to go to New Bay Head. Archie Whitehorn and I went down. Had a nice time and called at Mrs. Spencer ‘ s and Mrs. Pearce ‘ s and then on to the teachers meeting. Came home and had supper and went to bed. Had a pleasant surprise. Did my photos.


Wind blowing from south west, could not go up the arm as we wanted to. We had to stay in all day. Busy during afternoon with letters. Miss Boone came to see me. I went to tea with Mr. M. Moores and then on to church, calling at home going past. Had a fairly good time and came home. Was busy preparing for my trip tomorrow.


Was up in good time, started for South Arm, wind down but moderate. Rowed all the way up. Was reading the Prospector. Had a good time. Boiled the kettle and had lunch. Visited the people in the Point and went up to the Cove. Visited the people and then went home and after a nice chat went to bed.


Was up this morning in good time. Preaching in the Cove, used Phil 17:18. Had a good time. Went back to dinner and then walked across the neck. Found the cove frozen in and J. Baggs coming over to greet me. Found Mr. Baggs with his head hurt and then I went off to prayers. Place very cold, not many there and had a fair time. Went home to tea, met Messrs Mills and Woolfrey, took them home to tea and went back to prayers. Had a nice time. Went to Mr. Baggs ‘ to supper – the trio with me. Went home tired, to bed.


Took breakfast and went to see the people. Mr. Hutchcroft went with me across the Arm. Took snap of the schooner. Introduced to Mr. Fogwell and also to Mr. F. Crowe. Had a chat and then went on to South Arm. Found the people sick and so had no prayers. Wrote for Mr. Thompson and had tea with Mr. Shepherd and went home to supper feeling ill – was glad to get to bed.


South West Arm – Went to see the people, then went in to South West Arm, had dinner with Mr.Crowe. Had a chat and then went over the Arm. Went to visit the people and went home. Raining hard, getting ready for prayers and went up but had no service. Home to bed.


Having breakfast, heard Mr. Earle was off to New Brunswick. Saw my people and came on. Rowed all down and found my mail. Answered this and replied to Robert Culley. Received the books ordered, very pleased. Went to bed but cold, too bad to sleep.


Indoors nearly all day, very bad with cold. Went out a little in the afternoon and then came home to tea and was indoors all the night. Was late in bed, cold, very nasty. Preparation for North West Arm. Mr. Mal Moores paid fee.


Feeling a little better today but poorly. At home in the morning in bed and in the afternoon visited Boone ‘ s Point. Obtained $2.00 gold piece, came home and then went back to tea with Mrs. P. Moores and home to wash and off to prayer meeting. Home to supper and to bed.


Today is the last of November. How quickly time passes. Blowing too hard to get to North West Arm. I am sorry. I wish I could go. Not very well but better – have been preparing for Sunday.


Up in good time for prayers and went to church. Used Temperance Sermon text. Had fairly good time. Mr. & Mrs. Moores signed the pledge and in the Class meeting I was encouraged. In the afternoon I was at Sunday School and had a good time with Miss Moores ‘ class. At night used ??, and had a fairly good time. Came home, had supper at Mrs. P. Moores ‘ and then retired.


Today I have spent at home and it has been a dirty day. Have been reading, nothing of importance has occurred.


Today I have visited Fleury ‘ s Bight and am very glad to have the visit over and as it has been a dirty day I was glad to get home. Ladies tired (?). Dolph at photos. Getting ready for North West Arm. Up until very late packing etc. Had a fair day. Mr. Malachi Moores ordered organ.


Was called and up in good time this morning and started for North West Arm. We had a hard time up, was very cold. Reached here at 3:30 pm, left at 9:30 am, 7 miles, 6 hours. Preached at night. Had a comfy night and then went to bed.


North West Arm Up very late this morning, busy reading etc., music books. Miss Osmond took several off to do some ‘ sketching ‘ . Too late to do much, came home calling at Mr. Thomas White ‘ s. Had a pleasant evening, a nice time.


Leading Tickles Up in good time. Came across the neck with Mr. Kenneth Yates. Had some tea with Mrs. Marsh then when men were ready came on to the Tickle. Had to land at Mr. Peddle ‘ s and walk to Mr. Noseworthy ‘ s. Across to Cull ‘ s Island and got my mail. Went to Rowsell ‘ s Island, married Mr. Ward. Had a very pleasant night and went to bed tired but with a good days work done.


Leading Tickles Today had been a full day. Was busy in the morning and afternoon writing letters. Preparation for tomorrow. Mr. Israel paid his fee. Have had a busy day and comfy. Not much of importance has occurred.


No entry.


Had a good day today. Rose feeling refreshed after good night. Prepared to go to Seal Bay but Arthur came home. Visited Burnt Island and then came home. Settled with money for fees and photos and books. Developed photos and had chat. Went to bed late. Had a nice day.


Rose and prepared for North West Arm. Arthur went down to Thimble Tickles with me. We had to row and land and then walk. Met Miss Osmond, had cup of tea with Mr. Martin. Mr. Marsh came across the neck. Saw the men, had service at night and met the men. Could not make much head way with the point (?) People too busy.


North West Arm Had breakfast, went trouting, caught a three pounder. Had a good time. Schooner Valiant in the Arm. Preaching at night. Had a good time. Preparation for home tomorrow.


Up before light, got ready for home. Skiff at Mr. Moores ‘ and we started at 9:15. Rowed to Budgell ‘ s Brook and came on with sails. Had a good time, big sea, plenty of wind. Went up for parcels, very pleased indeed with them. Came home and was busy reading and getting mail ready for Portia. Plenty of camera outsit(??)


Tired, in bed until late. Busy in my study until time for Prayer Meeting.


Very busy all day today getting ready for tomorrow. Hope to have a good day. Have been up to see Mrs. Hobbs(?) Have found her very sick, called in Mr. Peters.


Today has been a full day. Went to church in the morning and used Lev. 22:32 ‘ Thou Shalt Not Profane My Holy Name ‘ etc. In the afternoon, went to Sunday School, had lessons and practice. Had good time. Mr. Ezra came in to tea with me. Miss Hickman also was down. We went to church at night where I preached from Matthew 22:21, ‘ Render Therefore Unto Caesar the Things that are Caesar ‘ s and to God the Things that be God ‘ s. Almost all stayed to Prayer Meeting. Came to Miss P., Ezra and I had supper then came home to bed.


Very tired. Busy today indoors at my studies. Mail came and I had a good time. Was kept busy attending to my correspondence.


Busy. This morning to visit South East Arm. Set off after dinner. Went to Mr. Yates ‘ then put across to Mr. Boone ‘ s. Found all hands in a ferment. Re visiting. Set things a bit right. Had a talk etc. Was there all the afternoon, came back, called at Mr. Wall ‘ s. Found Mr. Dalton there. Came to Sewing Circle, marked the things, reached home at 12:30. Had a warm bath and to bed at 1 am. Bazaar work tomorrow night must be finished.


Busy today. Correspondence and reading until dinner time then Mr. Lanning brought our lumber for the church and we were busy taking it in skiff from our wharf to the government wharf and then splitting it up. We did well, were back at 1 pm. Preparation for service and to go to N. Moores ‘ to tea. Preaching. Clyde. Marking Sewing Circle Goods.


Busy preparing for bazaar. Getting school ready, came home at 4 pm back – Tea begun, good number present, good sale. Took $53.02 cash at stall. Almost $10.00 at tea, fruit etc. Good time. Nearly all the stuff was sold. Came home at 1 am then back but all was well. Had some fun!! Came home and went to bed. E. Moores bought Holy War, Test, red letter Bible from Jest to Ernest. To bed at 3:30 am. Snowing hard all day until 5 pm then was beautiful.


Settling affairs of yesterday and then after dinner went up to school with Victor to clean away the tables etc. and to learn how the wind was blowing. Found the young ladies in a ferment but soon set their suspicion at nought. Then they were angry which was needless, also useless. Stayed until all was finished. I had an opportunity to practice some music while the scrubbing was done. No prayer meeting tonight on account of west school floor. Had tea, came back to Mr. P. Moores, met Miss Hickman, Licut and Mr. Moores. Had tea then came home and was reading.


Shortest day and nice day. Cleaning up my study. Had a nice day at my work. Became very tired, bad head etc. Sermon writing a help and a blessing.


Have had a busy day but good day. Rose and had breakfast, went to church, very cold, not very many there. Used Phil 17:18, had a good time. Sunday School, good number and good time, practice. Preaching at night, good congregation, used 2 Cor 3:18, had a nice time. Glory is possible now. Came home feeling very tired. Had supper, prayers, then went to bed. A big sea seems to be out all this past week.


Indoors all day today. Mr. Moores came during the night. No more lonely hours. Glad he is home safe and well. Three boxes of raisins, good business. Not at all well, very tired, seems to have a cold, bad head, etc. Early to bed. Mail came from Fortune. Such a nice mail. Watlington, Lavenham, London all good, papers etc. To bed with one.


Christmas Eve, how different to home! Busy in study today arranging for things for Christmas. Attending to mail. Practice at night and preparing for sermon tomorrow.


Christmas Day. To church and preaching from St. Luke. Had a good time. Quite a lot there, supposed to be the best congregation ever at a Christmas service. Received presents, 2 handkerchiefs, dressing case and socks, pair socks. In study playing about with gun and then went to marry Mr. George Wall and Miss Boone. Came home and had tea. In study at music. Had a nice time with photos. Went to Mr. Moores ‘ and had a game of draughts. Supper and then came home. Thus I have spent my second Christmas in Newfoundland. Went to bed but could not sleep, was thinking of my Dora. How I wish she were with me.


Boxing Day. Feeling somewhat depressed. Reading in the morning. Visiting in the afternoon around South East Arm. Hard walk. Saw Mr. Yates. Had a long talk, very much saddened, very much cast down. Reached home at 11:40 and went to bed.


Rose after reading letters, feeling sick but able to do but little. Was up to the shop for an hour or two. To Mr. M. Moores; to tea, had a nice time. Unpacked organ and had tune, very pleased with organ. Home and to bed.


Finished Old World and New Faith. Study all day. Went to Mr. William Moores ‘ , very sorry and hurt but God himself is with us. Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help. This week the last of the year has been perhaps the most hard of the whole year but around me are the everlasting arms. The cross is not greater etc. God moves in mysterious ways.


Preaching in the morning, text ‘ Thou crownest the year with goodness ‘ . Had a very good congregation considering the bad walking. Afternoon Sunday School was very good. Practiced some hymns. Had tea with Mr. Manuel. Saw new organ, very nice one. Prayers at night. There was a rich man,, there was a beggar. Had supper at Mrs. Peters. Had a collection of $1.70. Home and went to bed.


Busy reading in the morning. After dinner got ready for Christmas Tree. Went to shop and packed up things then went to Church and cut tree and dressed it. Had tea up at school. People early. Had a good time. A splendid tree and a good collection, $4.05. Home tired and to bed.


Very mild, snow has turned to rain. Went up to shop. Came to dinner. Clearing up. Started to pack. Lieut and Miss Hickman and?? came in. We had a nice time. Wind changed, came in from the north. Blowing a gale at about 9:30, too hard to go to prayers. Had prayers at home. Thinking of home and loved ones.


New Bay, Newfoundland New Year ‘ s Day.
Had breakfast and then was reading History of Methodism and Greek, New Testament. Hard study. Almost cried. Prepared to visit but feeling unwell. Stayed at home and was in my study. Went to prayers. Called at Mrs. Moore ‘ s and paid bill $18.20. Came home and retired. Prepared for L.T. in morning.


Up in good time. Good time in skiff. L.T. made preparation and was off to Spencer ‘ s Cove. Had a grand time, over 40 minutes to lighthouse. Blowing hard. Had to make a tack. Reached the island in two hours. Introduced Miss Spencer to her people. Preached at night, used Isiah 42:10. Went up to supper. Came down and went to bed with Walter.


Leading Tickles Up this morning, feeling tired. Had a very poor night, was very cold, had hardly any sleep. Was studying until dinner time, then dinner, then to visit Burnt Island. N. (?) promised to go with me to North West Arm tomorrow. A.(?) and B.(?) came down. A. gave me $1.50. This was good. Came home and had prayers. Quite a number of people were here. Best of all, God was in our midst. I used 2 Cor. 5:10. I trust God will send home the message. Wrote to mother. Had supper, came home. Retired at 12:30.


North West Arm Left Rowsell ‘ s Island about 11:30 and came on to North West Arm. Landed at Mr. Hancock ‘ s and had tea and prayer. Came to Mr. Martin ‘ s. Had a stay then went up to North West Arm. Had a good time. Wrote to A. Rowsell re Sunday School etc. Tired. Hoping for a good day tomorrow, thinking of home and friends.


North West Arm Preaching in the morning from He Shall be Called Great. In the afternoon from Isiah 42 2-10, sing a New Song Unto the Lord and at night from Matthew 16:24. If any man will come unto me.. Mr. Nath Chippett seemed to have a good day. In the afternoon I christened Minnie Phoebe and Reginald Norman White. At night we had a good time in prayers. Came home and went to bed.


North West Arm Up in good time, breakfast and reading. Skating down to school house. Miss 0. EelIin in too. Home to dinner. Called in Tilt Hill Side Hotel, North West Arm. In the afternoon visited all the homes. Made arrangements with J.T. Boone to go to South West Arm in the morning.


South West Arm Up early this morning, had breakfast and prepared for South West Arm. Started at 9:20. Splendid walking on ponds but not enough snow on the road. Walking very hard. Had lunch, took snap, came on and reached South West Arm at 3:30. Had some tea and went to the mill, met Mr. Fogwell. After a time met Mr. Crowe who promised to go with me tomorrow. This was kind of him. Came home. Mr. Earle wanted me to marry him tomorrow.


Up this morning before daylight and across to the mill and into the camp. Met Mr. George Shirran and went to see the men at work with the logs. Came home and had tea. Prepared for service and preached. Men were very attentive and we had a good time. Then supper and bed. Mr. Shiman tapped my skin boots.


Camp, South West Arm Up at about 5:30. Had breakfast and prepared to tramp to Rowsell ‘ s camp. Mr. Shirrian going with me. We reached Arthur Shirrian ‘ s camp and had lunch. Met Mr. Crowe and then set off together. We had to travel the country and by taking the wrong (bearings) we lost our way but kept our bearings and came to the river and then to the camp. Here I spent the afternoon and preached at night, then went to bed. Slept in the cook ‘ s bed where I had a hard night.


Up early, breakfast, prayers and off to Bagg ‘ s Camp. Met Mr. Mills and went with him to Rideout ‘ s Camp. Met the cook and the foreman and a good tea and prepared for preaching. Had a good service and then went on to recite. Men very pleased. Went to bed tired thinking of home.


Camp and South West Arm Up before daylight and was taking photos. But am afraid it was too early to be good. Started to skate, got across one pond, took a (lake) but the wind took me and down I went and struck my face. I was feeling bad and came in before the ?? to Mr. Baggs. Had a rest, came on to South West Arm. Married John Earle and attended the Orange Lodge. Took 1/2 hour. Went home to bed and to sleep.


Was up in good time and preaching in the morning. Had a good time and a good congregation. Here we had dinner and set off for South Arm and there I preached to a ‘ crowded house ‘ and noisy children. Went to South West Arm, had tea and preached to a good congregation. Good collection, South Arm $2.05, South West Arm $2.25. Went home, wrote to Dora in Greek and then had supper and prepared to go to South Arm to marry Mr. Giles.


South Arm At 12 midnight I was at the home of Mr. George Shepherd to marry Mr. Giles and Miss (Dennis), the ceremony commencing about 12:25. I then went with Mr. George Tucker (who was with me) to his home and spent the night. It was snowing in the morning. I awoke and found a deep snow and remained in until dinner time was past. Then I visited everybody in the cove and returned home and spent the evening writing to mother.


Am feeling very much upset. Have had a hard day. Visited (???) and Curlews, the mill and the arm. Reached home at 11:30. Picked up FreePress and found the announcement of Dr. (Aeston ‘ s) death. This was quite unexpected and a blow to me. Poor Mrs. (Aeston). Alone, humanly speaking. I trust she will cast all her care upon Him. God bless her and the boys. Must go to see her as soon as possible.


South Arm I was up this morning and set off for South Arm. Mr. Hutchcroft kindly sent his horse to take me. I had an hour reading then dinner. Then set off for Budgell ‘ s Point and visited the homes there. I spent a pleasant hour with Mr. Britt and enjoyed the gramophone. Made arrangements with the men in the evening to take me to New Bay and after visiting Curlew ‘ s reached home about 11:45.


Reached home again at last. This morning I was up early but had to wait for Mr. Warford then we came on to Mr. Budgell ‘ s and took him aboard and moved across to Indian Cove. Here I found the Boone ‘ s and (Isac) came home with me. Stopped at the post office and got my mail and then came home. Spent a busy night with my letters and then went to bed.


Busy all day with my letters and reading. In the study, finished the Teacher and the Child and made up my accounts. Sent to ( Chesley Woods) and also to Gray and Goodland. Went at night to church but no one was there – – therefore I came home calling at Post Office to register letters.


Busy today. Prepared mail and Sermons, not feeling well but doing my best and in the afternoon visited Mrs. Hobbs and posted my mail – Came home and spent the night in my study.


Today has been a stormy day. In the morning I went to church and preached to a small congregation, several children being there. In the afternoon I was reading and then went to Mr. M. Moores ‘ to tea and we started for church but it was too rough and then A. and I went up to Mr. P ‘ s and spent an evening with them. Came home, had prayers and went to bed.


Today has been a busy one. In the morning I was busy with my studies and watched the slob come in – Took a snapshot of it. At night I developed the pictures, most of which came out well and enjoyed a visit from Mr. & Mrs. Evans. Retiring to bed very late.


Today I was struggling hard with Greek again and with little success. In the afternoon I visited the people in South East Arm not getting home until very late and not feeling well went to bed.


Busy with my studies in the morning and prepared for night preaching. Slob going out because of the wind from the south. Preaching at night, used Acts 2:3 0. Resurrection. Had a good time. Practice for Billy Bray at night, reading poems by Walter Clark.


Busy today with Greg Reading Glengarry School Days, Greek, etc. Visited Mr. Spencerand Mr. Jacob Moores and Nehemiah whom I told about Flange etc. Came home and retired.


New Bay Busy all day with Greek and studies. In the morning the mail came and I went to the post office and received mine. Had a good time with my letters, answered some. Went to prayer meeting – fair number there. Came home and went to study and then to bed.


Very busy today and not at all well. I was preparing sermons for tomorrow and in the evening was feeling spent when a man was said to be waiting for me. This was Mr. Wells of Brigus, our teacher for South West Arm. Very pleased to welcome him. Posted mail and retired having prepared for Sunday.


NewBay This has been a good day to my soul. In the morning I preached from Romans 8:1 and believe the message was well received. In the afternoon we had a good company to Sunday School and had a good time with the children. At night I preached from Eph. 2:8 and had a good time and a good prayer meeting. Had tea with Mr. Manuel.


Mails in future leave New Bay Tuesdays. I wrote this morning to Free Press and to Rev. John Line and to Arthur Rowsell and have been busy generally. Saw Mr. Wells safe off and tonight have been to Mr. Malachi Moores to give music lesson. Have given Nettie a lesson.


Dirty today – could not go to Fleury ‘ s Bight. Very busy with Greek and (Greg) Theology. Reading (Forn) o ‘ Jack Lads!


Busy today with theology and Greek, prepared sermon for night. Preached to small congregation from Acts 13, 38-4 1. Had practice at the close. Reading the Twentieth Door.


Busy all the morning with studies. In the afternoon visiting South East Arm. Baptized Larina Mildred Wall. Visited several homes, Came back for mail. Had a nice mail. Books for Missionary collectors.


Busy all day, sermonizing until 3 o ‘ clock when I. Boone came for me to go and attend to his horse. I went and fixed the collar (very slippery walking) and came back to Prayer Meeting and then Committee meeting. Brethren Spencer, Pearce, N. Moores absent. Business satisfactory. Came home feeling very tired and went to bed.


Very busy all day, Sermonizing. Went out for a run in the evening but again to my work.


Preaching this morning from Gal. 5:7 ‘ Ye did run well ‘ . Long sermon apparently effective. Good congregation considering rough day. Stayed to dinner at Miss Manuel ‘ s and to Sunday School. Preaching at night, Matthew 6. A hard day. Ezra came in to supper. Went to bed tired.


Before dinner read 70 pages Mott ‘ s Modern Mission. In the afternoon busy with correspondence. Not at all well at night.


Was up and did some study. Had early dinner and went to visit South East Arm and to collect for church. Result $10.00. Saw Mr. W. White and Mr. (Case). Very late, called in South Arm, came home and prepared for bed.


Busy all day with studies, fair progress with Greek. Miss E. swallowed a bone. Had a hard time. Up until 12, then I got to work and stayed downstairs all night. Too dirty for prayers. Completed second reading of Mott ‘ s Modern Mission.


Out this morning, had some beans and tea, went on the island, helped Cuth with punt, came into breakfast and prepared for study. Had a good day with Greek and Theology and commenced History of B.A. again.


Mail did not come. Still unable to visit. Very busy in the house at sermons. Not time to get to South West Arm. Have to content myself until next week.


Today has been a busy day. Prepared sermons until dusk when the mail came. I had lots of letters, quite a nice mail, thoroughly enjoyed it. Afterwards completed my work and retired. Received J. Wesley from Mr. Maddock and a nice letter.


Today has been a great and good day. In the morning I used (?) and at night Obedience. We had a good congregation and a splendid class meeting, the morning was fine. Sunday School a nice session and thoroughly interesting. At night we had a splendid time and had the Joy of Pointing the Soul to Jesus, Praise God! May we continue to work.


Today has been a hard day. In the morning I attended to my mail and as soon as dinner was over I set out for Fleury ‘ s Bight. Called at Mr. Spencer ‘ s and had a good time, reached home at 11:45 tired out. Went to bed and did some reading.


Not up early, completed The Doctor, also was reading John Wesley by Green, did some Greek, went to see N & E and gave M a music lesson, came home and went to bed early.


Not well but was up and perused John Wesley by Green and attended to my work, prepared for preaching. Went to Mr. Moores ‘ , packed valise of Mr. Wells for South West Arm and then took Mrs. Hobbs a night dress and had my tea at Mrs. Moores ‘ . Went to Mr. Yates ‘ and had a chat, got the addresses I wanted. Called at Miss Manuel ‘ s, gave Edgar a music lesson, went to church, preached from All Things Work Together for Good for them that Love God. Had a practice for Billy Bray, came home, received as a present a pair of socks from Miss Moores, then to home. Supper, prayers and bed.


Feeling better today than yesterday. Up and had breakfast. Ran across to the Island. Wrote to Bro. Maddock and sat down to write my sermon. Not at all well and unable to do much. A message came for me to go to the church. I went but night had come first. Mail came but nothing from England, was disappointed. Books came from England also stamps for Willis and Adolphus, very pleased with them. Wrote to Bro. Maddock and had cup of tea and now must do a little more than retire. Expect to do my correspondence at South West Arm. No letter from home, too bad, the moon is ringed and I have a doubt that even now I may not get away tomorrow.

June 20, 1908

Was very busy today with my work preparing for St. John ‘ s End of June, Carbonear and on to St. John ‘ s – July 1 SS Prospero to Twillingate then to Exploits and Again in July 20 1908 to Moreton Harbour, Clyde to Lewisporte but switched to Prospero for St. John ‘ s, Landed at King ‘ s Cove (Blackhead Bay) and crossed over to Trinity by foot, 18 miles reboarded Prospero Arrived in St John’s Friday 24,1908

July 24 1908 last entry until Jan.1, 1909

Jan 4, 1909

In the am I was at home but drove to Carbonear in the AF{?] (in Victoria see May 5, 1909)

Monday Feb. 1 1909

Missionary Parliament

Saturday Feb 6 to go to the Power House

Monday 15, 1909
Flute band.