The Andrews

James Andrews, son of Mary (Alcock) and Henry Andrews, was born in Harbour Grace in 1837 and died in 1924 in Point Leamington.  He married Agnes Cox.

Agnes (Cox) Andrews, daughter of Elizabeth and John Cox, was born at New Bay Head in 1843. Family traditon states James and Agnes Andrews were one of two families who lived in Osmonton Arm for two years, before they built one of the first homes in South West Arm of New Bay in an area known as Squashberry Cove and later known as Andrews Cove. They had five children- James M. Andrews, Henry, Luta Marie(died), George and Luta Marie Violet. James was a fisherman. He died in 1924.

Ida (Taylor) Andrews, wife of James M. Andrews, was born in Mortons Harbour. They  had 10 children- Macmillan, Sedrick, George, Wintrop, Rosevelt, Harry, Lila, Henretta, Margaret and Violet.

James M. Andrews (1874-1951)
J.M. Andrews was a prominent person in the community during the early history. He was a land surveyor, photographer, Justice of the Peace and Commissioner of Affidavits. As well, he provided the services of “dentist” and “pharmacist”(i.e., he recieved medication from St.John’s and distributed it on a needs basis). He was a scaler with H.J Crowe and Company and also a contractor with AND company.

Henry Andrews (1871-1966) and his wife Janet (Taylor) (1878-1962). Their children included George “Sig” Andrews, Luta, Ledrick, Veronica, Montrose, Lorenzo, Hettie, Kate, Winnifred and Walter.

George Sigard Andrews (1900-1997) was the son of Henry and Janet (Taylor) Andrews. This picture was taken in England during WWI.

Violet Francis, daughter of Ida and James Andrews.

Luta Andrews, daughter of James A. and Agnes Andrews, and Nathan Feener.

Fres Cox, Luta Andrews and Montrose Andrews.

George Frances, Violet(Andrews) Frances, Joseph Sharron.

William Pearcey, Trop Andrews, Montrose Andrews.

Ethel Andrews ( nee Eddy) (1911-2006) This picture shows Ehel in 1928 when she commenced work as post and telegraph operator in the office situated on the Barrack’s Hill.