The Stuckless family

Obed Stuckless, the son of Isaac and Rebecca Stuckless, had two children, George I and Eli during his first marriage to Ellen Rowsell. He later married Emma Thompson of Bobby’s Cove and had two more children: Lutie and Raymond.

Martha Stuckless with her sister Phoebe, the daughters of Isaac and Rebecca (nee Tizzard) Stuckless.   Martha married Samuel Warford, while Phoebe married Fredrick Moores.

Dorothy Sunshine Stuckless was born to Jessie (Warford) and George Stuckless.  She was born March 16, 1915 and died July 1, 1915.

Eli Stuckless and family:
(l-r) Obed Stuckless, Julia Ann Stuckless (nee Whalen 1880-1912), Garland Stuckless (baby), Eli Stuckless (1875- 1947), Marshall Stuckless.

Selby Stuckless, son of Mark and Ethel Stuckless.

Thomas (Tot) Stuckless was born March 29, 1870 and died in 1943. He was the son of Isaac and Rebecca Stuckless. Tom was involved in the operation of a water-turbine sawmill at Bottom Brook in Point Leamington, which was operated by the Stuckless Brothers. By 1921, Tom was a blacksmith living in Rattling Brook, Bishop’s Falls.

Sarah Thompson, daughter of John Thompson and Susanna Dawe, was born 1867 in Bay Roberts. Her family later resided at Bobby’s Cove.  In 1894, Sarah married Thomas Stuckless.  She died in 1933.