The Thompsons

John Thompson (b. circa 1878-1918) was the son of John and Susanna Thompson, originally from Bay Roberts, who relocated to Bobby’s Cove.  He married Emma Warford (1884-1955), the daughter of Jane (Tucker) and Henry Warford of Bobby’s Cove.  John and Emma also lived in Bobby’s Cove. They had eight children: Clarence (m. Dora Boone), Elsie (m. Chesley Boone), Mary (m. George I Stuckless), Raymond (died of diphtheria), Arthur (m. Linny Cooper), Fred, Jim (m. Phoebe Peddle) and Lilly (m. Marsh Stuckless).  During a second marriage to Obed Stuckless, Emma had two additonal Children: Lutie (m.  David Patey) and Raymond John (m. Doris Hannon).

Jimmy Thompson (1860-1956) married Rachael Russell. Their children included William, Joe, Stephen, James, Sarah Ann and Emmy.  Following Rachael’s death in 1917, he married Selena Wicks from White Bay.  Jimmy served in WWI.  Note: It is claimed that Jimmy Thompson was responsible for the establishment of the Salvation Army in South West Arm.

Leonard Thompson and son Tommy, who both served in WWI.

Clarence and Dora Thompson.