The Tuckers

Ethal Amelia Tucker (1879-1937) married Mark Stuckless and settled in Point Leamington. She was the daughter of Capt. George Henry and Rebecca Tucker.

Capt. George Henry Tucker (b. circa 1848-1920) was born in Spaniards Bay.  In the late 1800s he relocated with his wife, Rebecca (Morgan) and at least several of his children to an area of Bobby’s Cove that is know as Tuckers` Point. Their children included Isaac, Sarah Ann, Ethel (m. Mark Stuckless), George Henry, and Bertha (m. Henry Sheppard).
Note: George was the brother of Jane Tucker, who married the first of the Warfords to arrive in this area: William Henry Warford.

Rebecca (Morgan) Tucker (bc 1845-1919) and her husband, Capt. George Henry Tucker, left Bobby’s Cove c.1918 to live with relatives in Spaniard`s Bay where they both died within a few years.

George Henry Tucker Jr. (1882-1943), son of Capt. George Henry and Rebecca Tucker, was a close friend of J.R. Smallwood`s.  Among his possessions were letters from Smallwood which provide a rare insight into Smallwood`s political philosophy during this period of his life.  There is much discussion of Smallwood’s desire to return to Newfoundland and found a socialist movement patterned after the British Labour Party, and of the Newfoundlanders who might be sympathetic to such a cause. The last letter is dated February 10,1925, from Grand Falls, Newfoundland, where Smallwood had gone to organize a branch of the International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite and Paper Mill Workers.
Note: Walter Tucker, 1st mayor of Grand Falls, was the son of George Henry.

Sarah Ann Tucker (1877-1962) was the daughter of Capt. George Henry and Rebecca Tucker. On October 8,1902 she married John James Efford in British Columbia, where the couple resided.

John James Efford, orginally from Port de Grave, the husband of Sarah Ann Tucker.