The Warfords

Arthur Warford, son of Alice and William H Warford, was born in 1884 in Bobby’s Cove. He served in England during WWI where he later settled.

Chesley Warford, son of Alice (Pilgrim) and William H. Warford.

Chesley and Annie Warford

(l-r) Jessie Stuckless (1875-1947) and her niece Blanche Warford.
Jessie was the daughter of Jane and Henry Warford of Bobby’s Cove.  She married three Stuckless brothers at different times: George, Mark and Tom.

(l-r) Lydia May Warford, Joyce Stuckless (with son David Stuckless), Dorothy Langdon.

Martha (Stuckless) Warford (1877-1954) and her son Victor.
Martha, youngest daughter of Isaac and Rebecca Stuckless, married Samuel Warford (born c. 1882-1937) of Bobby’s Cove.  They had two children, Blanche and Victor.

Victor was the mail carrier for 27 years commencing in 1948. In the beginning he delivered the mail from Botwood to Point Leamington, Pleasantview, Leading Tickles, Glover’s Harbour, Cottrell’s Cove, Fortune Harbour, Point au Bay and Phillip’s Head.  Later he delivered only to Point Leamington and nearby communities. His main means of transportation were snowmobile and boat.